I won’t have anything with Xylitol in my house. They flatten out slightly once off the heat, but never as flat as if you hadn’t beaten the whites. Thank you so much! Yes I used a whey protein powder in vanilla flavor by Jay Robbs. These Ricotta cheese pancakes are the closest I’ve come to the real thing! Start the day with these delicious, easy to make ricotta pancakes. But me and the kids do like it better sweeter so we use vanilla stevia,  but feel free to refer to my. Low Carb. I love it and so do the kids! This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. I don’t like the taste of protein powder in my food. 4 Ingredient Keto Low Carb Vanilla Ricotta Pancakes. The batter was very very thin and made all kinds of shapes, none of then pancake like but the taste was great!!! You can also recieve a notification of comment replies without commenting. these were pretty good pancakes. if you are eating grain free, the malt barley in the syrup would have the same problems as other grains, I presume? INSTRUCTIONS Put all of the ingredients into a large bowl and mix together until fully combined. That’s why I adapted my Cloud Bread with sour cream instead. Add all ingredients to a blender or whisk together by hand. Makes a total of 8 pancakes, serving size is 2. I exhausted my selection of “regular” pancakes last year when I shared my Pancake Day Pancakes (the thin ones you smother in lemon juice and sugar) and American-style pancakes, as well as messing around with some farmyard animals and a pancakey Mickey Mouse. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These are quite filling so I'm happy to eat 1 topped with some fruit but people with larger appetites may want 2. Hi, I'm Charlotte Oates. I would have liked a little more air to them. Heat coconut oil in a skillet on medium high heat. Please refer to my guide to Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen nutritional information if you would like to learn more about how this is calculated. These were fantastic and super-picky kid said they were the best pancakes yet! Use 1/4 cup to measure batter for each pancake. Filed Under: Breakfast, Entrees, Gluten Free, Keto, Low Carb Tagged With: low carb pancakes, protein pancakes, sugar free pancakes. They’re quite firm inside (a similar texture to a cheesecake filling), but still taste quite light. What do you suggest replacing it with? I’ve been experimenting a lot with protein powder lately, using it for my Cloud Bread Loaf and rolls, grilled cheese and French Toast so I knew a little protein powder might just work with eggs for a pancake, even without typical flour being used. Wife. They still came out great! Brenda, thank you for your hard work, and for your wonderful blog. I didn’t get a whole pancake out of the first batch….just tastes off the first pancake. Free form pancakes or use an english muffin mold in skillet to form pancakes. fried in butter… used sf maple syrup… craving satisfied and they were great. Flip and cook 1-2 minutes more on other side. https://www.amateurgourmet.com/2020/07/ricotta-pancakes.html My two attempts at keto pancakes have been less than successful. But lately I’ve been eating eggs and eggs and more eggs and just felt kind of tired of the same old breakfast. Eb x. I’ve got a few more tips coming up in my monthly report. Follow Sugar Free Mom on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter for all of the latest content, recipes and updates. Will be purchasing a pancake form soon! But they are spectacular for a quick light breakfast when you don’t don’t want the typical eggs you’ve been eating. Heat a large frying pan on a medium heat (I use a non-stick pan so don't use any oil, but if you don't have a non-stick pan you may want to use a little vegetable oil to stop the pancakes sticking). | Pancakes Without Eggs When I do, I will link to you too! The flour in these is really there to give them a little bit of structure (so they don’t melt into a horrible mess in the pan), so I suspect it would be relatively straightforward to substitute it for a GF alternative. Simple recipes like these are what can keep you feeling satisfied and happy and ready to take on the day ahead! Will make again! The brown syrup you see on top is actually sugar free syrup made by Sukrin, called Sukrin Gold Fiber Syrup. These are great. Im looking for a simple to make low carb pancake.