Researchers estimate a difference of 22.6 degrees Fahrenheit (12.5 degree Celsius) between the highest and lowest temperatures. Page Number 3 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled, ”DESIGN OF MINI COMPRESSORLESS SOLAR POWERED REFRIGERATOR” which is being submitted by Mr. Ashok Kapoor (Id No. <> We have made this type of project as a thinking of increase the renewable energy sources & it has also portable. Also, the less bells and whistles your fridge … “This is the first step in the development of an electric field refrigeration unit,” explained Professor Qiming Zhang. Scientists from Penn State University have designed the future of refrigerators and other cooling devices through magnetic field refrigeration. this project mainly consist a heating coil to replace of compressor & mainly ammonia+ water (NH3+H2O) is used as a refrigerant. 42199), Mr. Girish Gupta (Id No. You can also check out our article about IBM’s nano-water cooled chips where tiny pipes of water can be used to cool next generation PC chips. Anu has published an academic paper on robotics and artificial intelligence at MTC 2008 – IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference in Victoria, Canada. The researchers are focusing on ferroelectric polymers that exhibit temperature changes at room temperature under an electrical field. Zhangs’s method changes the form of the polarpolymer from disorganized to organized when positioned in an electric field. 42206), Ms. Ilina Choudhary (Id No. This then disperses heat and the material becomes colder. A previously used coolant was Freon, which is a banned chlorofluorocarbon due to the negative effects it had on the ozone layer. Mainly used for portable refrigerator … Enjoy this 18 cu. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. “For the future, we can envision a flat panel refrigerator. Other than air conditioners and refrigeration units, the technology can be applied to heating or cooling of clothing, cooling of protective gear for fire fighters, heating of mittens, socks or shoes, and even cooling of mascot and cartoon character costumes. x��ko7�{����t����.��CQ�u��m���"���WcK�#%���c��r%�P�Yq�C�p�$w��a}{5�Xg?���^�.n.�ه����?���W��og׷���v�������_O�T���:+���ᱫ�:+�2/����������e�=_f�z��s���J���ί�>)�s��"/D��U����Y��>��/�>�0��TT����?���O��k�G�*HLJ�^�/��|�*����x�N�|��U��e�w)ʼ���T�:��H��"�j6K��h�(�x]�� ��"o��`e���8,.y�׍��U��m�������%)��QbU-rY���B[����鴛|��@o�e;�8M��˼jw��"��� ��� u]�y endobj Using the new system, the environment will not be polluted and destroyed by gasses and it can also be used around humans safely. %PDF-1.5 x�X�Wж�ߚzlU��JWX�Z`� �g�ζ��(�l��T���\@���O�HӚ��g���;�k>�A/�����̿��3��I �#Z��N���4?�:���-"4��*���P7� ��iU�s]qz#Zg��_"/j�ƒ�? Mainly used for portable refrigerator in marine ship where electricity is not available. These coolants are both harmful to humans and the environment. Here is my how to on modifying fridge compressors into silent air compressors. These refrigerator without compressor consume relatively less power and … ���'����W!a���)����E�,��"En'Em����"Δ��ni�4 ��"�ה�?�W)�TT�p”�`2��R:S�"oj�����:���R g2Ʊ�j�Lih��*��w��*��J��ޏ�:����F1QȄ�;Xe��>p�gJe����{�W`(@/�W�Q�-4-�Փ>�;X&��`ܟ�?8�y��W��h}��l��{�t�4�P�A=98��=6����N��Ꮳ#�SNJO�]**��S }JY 2 0 obj <>>> [�9A}!��r+�[%�8���+�Sbxo����4�`(�x �7_,�e���̿�~�V1OYP�@�?�t-�@c�a*ܺ�I�������f\��mQ�'�rl��t��4�+C�]���4��X�ym��I�� ��������(Z�>�1�4Y�5,P} s��.k�"xC*f�Wo��Hn������l��nX��!���b��S stream <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The investigation pertaining to electrically induced heat effects of some ferroelectric polymers might remove electrically powered refrigerators and their compressors and coils. An additional application would be in electronics, where tiny amounts of the polymers could efficiently lower the temperature of over-heated circuit boards and thus tolerating closer packing, and in the process producing miniature devices.