This is why one batch of Rapadura may be lighter or darker than the last batch. They do impart both color and flavor to just about anything you choose to use them in. The confusion comes in because some companies label their processed sugars as sucanat, too. Sucanat and Rapadura both are very brown in color and certainly a larger grain than refined white sugar. But the two products are the same. It is a specific form of evaporated cane juice developed by a Swiss company called Pronatec that would founded by Albert Yersin. The issue of rapadura versus sucanat comes down to one thing- Rapadura is a trademarked product name from a company called Rapunzel. Because this natural sugar is not separated from the molasses, it has more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Rapadura (and others like it) can vary according to sugar cane variety, soil type and weather. Sucanat and Rapadura: Natural Granulated Sweeteners. Sucanat is a generic name. Sucanat is the trademarked name for a sugar that is called rapadura by the Portuguese and panela by Spanish-speakers. Click here to see a bag of sucanat. Click here to see the product.