Twitter. You'll find Logan enjoying video games such as Dark Souls, Halo, Diablo II, Super Mario 64, God of War, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft. Sure, the game's biggest addition— the first-person Way of the Hado mode— is terrible. Nintendo Switch's games cost more, but the price of them is justified because of their polish and lack of bugs. Even if you think you hate video game golf, don't overlook this gem. Teaming up with up to three friends— and you should never bother trying to play the game solo because it's just not built for that— and trying to cut each other into the right shapes to solve the puzzles is one of the most entertaining local multiplayer experiences of this console generation. Unless you absolutely need to be Captain Falcon, Fast RMX should scratch your F-Zero itch just fine. Ranking The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Exclusives 10 Splatoon 2. That said, it's the best fitness game available for Switch so far. The conversation is usually focused on Xbox One and PlayStation 4's exclusives, but what about the Nintendo Switch? But the main game is a solid installment of one of the greatest games of all time. It also adds new features that bolster its enjoyability. Flip Wars doesn't just sound like the name of a real estate-based reality actually is. The game was so popular that its trainer even became a full-fledged Super Smash Bros. character. All that said, 1-2-Switch is a fun party game and is worth buying— if you get a good deal on it. After a disappointing Wii U entry, the Kirby franchise had to redeem itself a bit with its Switch debut— and we're happy to report that Kirby Star Allies rose to the challenge, being one of the best Kirby games in years. Staff - October 29, 2020. Among the Wii's best defenses against accusations that it had abandoned "real gamers" was Xenoblade Chronicles, which gets its second sequel on the Switch. There are 120 Shrines found throughout BOTW's immersive landscape. Who knew? Love them or not, it would be nearly impossible to leave them off of this list. This turn-based role-playing game is often overlooked by those not familiar with the JRPG genre. Release … Splatoon 2 deserves credit for being a unique game on the platform. We didn't even think that was possible. Has Melee finally been topped? How are we feeling about the Dark Witch franchise now? Arms is the kind of game that people play for ten minutes, think they've seen all there is to see, and deride it as such— but there's more to it if you put in the time. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Returning to a more story-driven focus after Xeno X went the open-world route, Chronicles 2 is one of the best console RPGs of the last five years. In particular, Star Allies has an actual co-op mode rather than just relegating the other three players to being Kirby's assistants like in Rainbow Curse. Apparently, The Legend of Dark Witch is a video series that already has a couple of installments on the 3DS, Vita, and PC. Playing the creations of other players is a delight. This bland, uninspiring music game with completely forgettable music certainly hasn't made us fans. The Pokémon Company made bold choices with characters like Hop. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. If you haven't played Super Mario Odyssey, it's an excellent next-buy. The Switch launched in March 2017 and Nintendo's done a pretty stellar job getting exclusives onto the company's newest console. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Levels like New Donk City are both spacious and enchanting. Released to coincide with the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Soccer Slammers is soccer— and sorry, European readers, but we're calling it soccer since that's the title of the game— extremely simplified and aimed at younger gamers. No rating yet (Switch) New £44.99. Ranging from Nintendo's own titles to something a little more quirky, there's plenty here for everyone. That said, when dealing with a game as completely unremarkable as Flip Wars, it's probably not even worth the lawsuit since nobody played the game anyway. If you only play one fighting game this year, Super Smash Bros. It contains the most robust roster of fighters and selection of stages. 22. Technically, Nintendo Labo isn't strictly a game in and of itself but a series of games that share the premise of needing to be played with cardboard accessories that you have to build yourself— but we still felt that they could all be lumped together for purposes of this type of list. Winner of numerous 2018 fighting video game awards, Super Smash Bros. After Super Mario Sunshine, the 3D Mario games began to lean back into the linearity of the 2D installments— up to Super Mario 3D Land and World actually featuring previous 2D-only trademarks like flagpoles and the growing/shrinking mechanic. Using the game's Stage Builder mode, players can design and download creations, then play them. Sure, every Nintendo platform has its usual top-tier Nintendo software— but the company can only make so many games in-house, often resulting in just a couple of big releases per year at most. Small nuances like the Yoshi doll make this game even more exceptional than the original. Where will Yoshi's Crafted World fit into this list when it releases on March 29th? Ranking EVERY Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game… (TIER LIST) By. Fans have been clamoring for a new F-Zero game for over a decade now, and it doesn't look like Nintendo is interested in giving us one— the F-Zero track in Mario Kart 8 is probably the best we're going to get any time soon. The return of Inklings was warmly welcomed in this 4v4 action shooter. Certainly not us... but we appreciate a good rhythm game so we decided to give the awkwardly-titled latest installment Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical a shot. So how a game was able to be created with the exact same title and no lawyers got involved is a mystery. Most people got their first exposure to Picross via the 1995 Game Boy Game Mario's Picross, and Nintendo has continued to release various Picross games over the years. Winner of several accolades at The Game Awards 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece. Gaining experience points for finishing battles is a thrill. Still, we gave Mario + Rabbids a chance, and instantly ate our skepticism as we found it to be a surprisingly robust strategy game that isn't nearly as dumbed-down or "kid friendly" as you might expect a Mario-branded strategy game to be. Reviews for the game were generally favorable. Just over two years into the Switch's lifespan, and the number of true Switch exclusives already available has proven that Nintendo finally seems to be bucking that trend. It even brings a story mode into the mix, a feature that is largely only featured in portable Mario sports titles. Yes, it seems ridiculous having to literally pay for cardboard. Where Star Allies really excels is in the way it has players combining powers in interesting ways to solve puzzles, a feature not really utilized fully since the underrated Kirby 64. RELATED: 10 Video Game Characters Who Are More Evil Than They Seem. Collecting literally every single character that has ever been in a Smash Bros. game— plus new additions— the roster alone makes Ultimate live up to its name. NEXT: 10 Game Sequels You Didn’t Know Were Coming In 2020. The atmosphere of the game will leave you at a loss for words because of its high-quality visuals.