Remove zest from orange and put aside. Cut remaining half orange into segments and scatter into salad. Add vegetable mixture and garnish with cilantro leaves and pumpkin seeds. This roasted pumpkin quinoa salad is a tasty and healthy vegan salad perfect to prepare for dinner and pack in your lunch box for the next day. Place salad greens on plate. Top with ½ c. cooked quinoa. 2 cups mixed salad greens 4 cups cooked quinoa, cooled ½ cup fresh cilantro leaves; 4 Tablespoons dry roasted pumpkin seeds; Directions: In a bowl, combine tomato, cucumber, jicama, avocado, and red onion. Toss with lemon juice and sea salt. Cut orange into two and squeeze the juice of one-half orange into salad. Toss together before serving, garnished with orange zest. We have packed this recipe with some of the best superfoods to give you a colourful dish that bursts with nutrients and a fully balanced meal that will keep you full for long. Arrange cooked quinoa, roast pumpkin and garlic, and toasted pumpkin seeds in a salad bowl.