Tremolo arm can make a guitar out of tune really fast, especially during a couple of first months. Reimagined here for the S2 Series, the Standard 24 is gig-ready with a pricetag to match. Perfect as a first guitar or the last guitar you’ll ever need, the PRS SE Standard 24 faithfully recreates the foundational design of the Custom 24, PRS’s flagship model, with all-mahogany body construction. One reason for this is the tremolo arm (whammy bar) and the tuners. Usually, PRS SE Standard 24 comes with excellent quality for the price, but it still has some issues. The original PRS Standard, introduced in 1987, evolved from Paul Smith’s Pre-Factory all-mahogany guitars. The SE Standard 24 delivers, equipping its owner with a comfortably playable guitar and a huge range of tones, which you're unlikely to outgrow in a hurry.