But it’s still built, assembled, and finished at the company’s Stevensville, Maryland, factory, with the same attention to detail as pricier PRS models. I would also like to mention the fact that the actual rosewood fretboard had a nice dark colour to it, which is good to see, because sourcing good rosewood is now becoming a quality issue for guitar makers. The binding around the body highlights this, relying on the guitar’s natural wood finish to provide the aesthetics. An easy to recommend guitar that brings PRS class without a hefty pricetag. The PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 is here to celebrate 35 years of guitar making and innovation. Slight tackiness to the neck finish, but it's a minor complaint. The elite-level experience offered by the high-end PRS models continues to cascade down the range. Because I've seen a few of these SE custom 24s owned by eager young players at the Guildford academy where I lecture, and those too have all been really good sounding, usable, pretty guitars. To get down to the Custom 24, in a nutshell what you get is a nice flame maple top on a mahogany body and neck, with neck and bridge humbuckers, both of which produce a sweetly voiced midrange bark. PRS made the new S2 Custom 24 more accessibly priced by doing away with the Core Custom 24’s most labor-intensive features. The PRS SE range has offered solid, well-built, great-sounding guitars for years now, and the PRS SE Custom 24 2018 is a perfect example. One was ordered the other I hand picked. 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 is the limited edition of the regular SE Custom 24 model. The old cliche goes that they’re dentist’s guitars, stockpiled by wealthy midlife crisis sufferers to hang above the mantelpiece. Bath The PRS SE range has offered solid, well-built, great-sounding guitars for years now, and the PRS SE Custom 24 2018 is a perfect example. Picture a Gibson SG, and you perhaps think of some of the great rock and metal players who’ve wielded one over the years. That was no trouble, because the tiny allen key came supplied with guitar. Tremolo arm can make a guitar out of tune really fast, especially during a couple of first months. Most players would find the playability of this guitar to be excellent, with no buzzing or choked bends, but still with a nice low-ish action. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. You may also begrudgingly admit that they do actually have their own unique style. It’s a wonderful instrument to play too - all that expertise making eye-wateringly expensive guitars is evident from the moment you pick it up. The one I ordered I have added locking John Mann tuners and replaced the nut with a bone nut. This article was originally published in issue #6, To read the article in its entirety, view the digital magazine, Our website uses Cookies - by using this site or closing this message you’re agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy, PRS J-MOD 100 John Mayer Signature Amp Head, PRS 2019 NAMM RELEASE - Silver Sky Color Additions. Our review model came in Fire Red Burst, a new finish for 2018 that looks a little more elegant than last year’s Crimson Red. So how does PRS do it? There are few companies that ever get their stock pickups right due to their attempts to … I really can't fault this PRS. Mahogany with a maple cap, and two humbuckers is always going to be Les Paul territory but I would suggest that this guitar is more versatile than a Les Paul, because you have a great trem at your disposal. The trem was fantastic, with a lovely positive feel, once I'd tightened the little grub screw which tightens onto the arm. There are no surprises in how the Custom 24 sounds. The finish on the neck does suffer from slight tackiness, particularly if your palms are prone to sweating, but this is nothing a few rubs with some wet and dry paper couldn’t solve, while the wide-thin ’board never felt too wide or too thin, although the frets on our review model could have been slightly better set up. The guitar will be sold in limited numbers in the United States, and The Music Zoo has them in stock, so get yours now!! As I've said in Gi reviews before, names that spring to mind include Music Man, Suhr, G&L and, of course, PRS. You will receive a verification email shortly. It's not because I don't like them, because I do, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I add a nice played in PRS to the embarrassingly large number of guitars I already own. Who exactly is a typical PRS player? We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Spend some time with the SE Custom 24 and you’ll come to realise that there is no stereotype that fits. I am lucky enough to own a '62 and '63 Strats, and when you look at the Brazilian rosewood boards on those guitars, it is almost as dark as ebony. The addition of left-handed models adds to the idea that these are quality guitars anyone can own. The PRS SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple Limited is all about stability, versatility, and head-turning good-looks! All rights reserved. They say this model is based largely on Paul Reed Smith's first run of guitars that were shown at various trade shows in 1985 and you have to look hard to see how they are keeping the cost down compared with those originals. The Custom 24 has been put on production halt for their 25th anniversary edition which is no different but has bird inlays similar to the high end guitars that gives the custom more character.