Here are some positive punishment examples: 1. Negative Punishment This one is debatable, some see jail as taking away your freedom (negative), while others see it as being given a sentence (positive) You stay … Positive Punishment vs Negative Punishment Though the aim of both is the same, the difference between positive punishment and negative punishment is in the idea and the approach that stems from that. Proponents of positive discipline claim that this method can help strengthen the bond and increase trust between parents and children. Positive punishment is a popular concept in parenting. Defining Positive Punishment Imagine that you were driving down the street in your brand new sports car. He does the task with a consciousness of the importance of laid down rules. Positive and negative reinforcement have the same objective, to encourage a specific behavior, yet with different kind of stimulus. Learn more about positive punishments from examples, then test your knowledge with a quiz. Examples of Positive Reinforcement in Everyday Situations. We'll explain what it is and how you can implement it with six examples. Examples Of Positive Punishment. In other words, positive punishment and negative punishment are two completely different categories of punishment in operant conditioning. Punishment is the action taken after bad behavior on the individual’s part, to prevent that behavior from happening again. Here, sitting for an extra hour is a positive punishment or aversive stimulus (something which he hates). My nine-year-old goes out to play without finishing his homework; I make him sit for an extra hour to complete his work before going to bed. A child is told to clean the living room, he cleans the living room [behavior] and is then allowed to play video games [reinforcer]. Other examples of positive punishment in practice: Making a teen do extra chores when he fails to adhere to curfew rules. This example is strategic and touches one of the behavior modification models of operant conditioning to encourage a better behavior. Parenting isn't always a walk in the park, and determining the best way to address your child's inevitable poor behavior can be a tricky line to walk. It also removes the battle between the two of you, teaching your child that it is possible to respond to difficult moments without threats, bribes, yelling or physical punishment. Positive Punishment Then you have positive and negative punishment.