These mattresses should be used by side sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach or you don’t have back pain, you might find a firmer mattress more comfortable. This makes a lot of people wonder if a plush, medium, or firm mattress will be right for them. When testing a mattress, lie in the position you most often sleep in for several minutes. And, comfort levels will be impacted by the type of construction, components used, and vary by manufacturer. They offer a reasonable sinkage which would contour your body as you lay on your side. Below we’ve covered the pros and cons of both, in hop to give you a better understanding on what type will work best for you! Finally, body weight will create indentations in a firm mattress after a long period. The soft layers in a plush mattress usually work best for petite individuals, curvier figures, and aging adults with less “meat on their bones”. If you’re a student, your bed may be your prime studying spot or if you work from home it may even be your office. But, you need to remember it is all about you. This article answers some basic questions to help you decide which mattress best suits your needs. Is your pain worse at night or in the morning? The fundamental problem with this is that when you’re awake, your muscles aren’t fully relaxed. These layers contour to your hips and shoulders, cradling your body throughout the night. You can add a soft topper to a firm mattress if you think this is what’s going to get you a good night of sleep. Contact Us. Whether or not you have back pain,  it should be given serious consideration when buying a mattress. Comfort technology is not just delivered by foams in our beds, but can also be provided by the springs. Before mattress shopping, take special note as to what position you sleep in most often. Medium-firm mattresses are designed to provide the perfect balance between contouring comfort and pushback support. It doesn’t help that as we change our lifestyle, so too do our preferences when it comes to mattresses. isn’t a universal list of specifications to determine which word should be used to describe the feel of a mattress. The first is that a firm mattress helps you maintain a neutral spine position. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as knowing that you like a soft or firm mattress. Firm vs. Weight is something else that you need to think about. It is important to test out mattresses before you buy them, to make sure that you have the right level of firmness. If your lower back collapses, this can prevent you from inhaling the correct amount of oxygen. There are slight similarities between the two; however, a medium feeling mattress is a popular option because it isn’t too firm or too soft. Memory Foam vs Gel Foam Mattress: What’s The Difference, GERD & Sleep: 4 Tips to Sleep Better with Heartburn & Acid Reflux, Save $100 off your next mattress set of $999 or more. Mattress comforts are extremely subjective and a variety of terms will be used to describe the firmness level of a mattress. Sleepers often describe firm beds as “hard as a rock” with a “sleeping on top of the bed” sensation. Waking up in a different position means that is probably the position you spend most of your sleeping hours in; therefore, it is also the position you’re in the bulk of the night. Soft? Sleep Like The Dead's mattress research in The News – About Our Mattress Research. As well as this, if you have any issues with your lower back such as arthritis or scoliosis, you could find that a hard mattress is not going to be a good option for you. Certain mattress features can provide relief and additional support depending on where your pain is. Your bed is the piece of furniture you probably use the most in your home. Back sleepers are the perfect target group for this type too. This is usually found in a medium or medium-firm mattress. If you check out reviews, you will find that customer satisfaction when it comes to soft mattresses is usually below average. Getting a new mattress with the proper support and comfort for your body will greatly alleviate this for you. Most people who are average to heavy build are going to find a firmer mattress more comfortable. Conversely, those who sleep on their side or do have back problems will find softer more comfortable. As well as this, if you are a slim person, you are going to be able to sleep on a medium-firm mattress without giving up the vital spinal support needed by those who are heavier. Many stores and online stores do not advertise these mattresses as hard or soft. This in turn is going to allow the blood to flow better, and not be restricted in any way. At minimum, a mattress needs to provide the right support for a person’s body weight, size, and shape. This will determine what firmness you will need in a mattress. If you’re preference lands somewhere in the middle, you should consider a medium vs plush mattress. There are slight similarities between the two; however, a medium feeling mattress is a popular option because it isn’t too firm or too soft. When deciding between a plush vs. firm mattress, consider your specific needs. What is the difference between a medium and plush mattress? You could also find your mattress is no longer useful after a few years as they only grow softer over time. What this means is that you can use something like a pillow top to get the softness that you want on the top, with a firm mattress laying underneath. Generally, people with a curvier figure need the added cushion found in plush mattresses. Sleepers often describe this feel as if they’re “sleeping in” or getting hugged by their bed. Contact Us, - Change Region| What this does is help you to keep your body straight, meaning you won’t have any aches and pains in your back. Does any part of your body feel stress or pressure? Plush mattress. The extra layers of comfort offer more contouring and give when you lay down. This is a well-balanced feel, making it a great option for all types of sleepers. If your pain is worse when you wake up, your mattress is likely the cause. If you are suffering from shoulder or hip pain, find a mattress that provides a happy combination of comfort layers and support features. What mattress do you feel most comfortable on? Mattress buying can be confusing, expecially when considering a plush vs firm mattress. – MEDIUM-FIRM mattresses often consist of one of the following: a medium-firm comfort layer with medium-firm support; a medium comfort layer with firm support, or; a firm comfort layer with medium support. Firm mattresses are also less prone to sagging, but can cut off your pressure points making you to toss and turn throughout the night. The comfort of a mattress will help you fall asleep quicker—while the support system will keep you from tossing and turning or waking up in pain. You will need the extra comfort layers to provide pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. This is achieved by adding layers of pressure relieving materials on top of the support core or by varying the thickness and density of the padding. These mattresses are also the most expensive option. Do you want a mattress that is firm? To figure this out, there are a number of questions to ask yourself when deciding between plush vs medium vs firm mattresses. Firm mattresses are ideal for people who sleep on their back or stomach. As well as this, if you have any issues with your lower back such as, Benefits Of Drinking A Protein Shake Before Bed. Choose Location, Select a Store to Check Local Pickup Availability, Need Help? Choosing between medium vs firm mattresses depends on how much firmness you desire to have in a mattress. Finally, the human body can adapt to sleeping on a firmer mattress and find it comfortable, where this may not be possible on a different type of mattress. It can feel like an impossible task to find the mattress that is durable, and yet gives you the support and firmness that you require. While we do not believe in a universal comfort, a medium mattress would be the closest thing to it. This question may seem like a very obvious one to consider when choosing a mattress, but it’s more complicated than you think. If you are suffering from lower back pain, it is recommended that you find a mattress that provides solid support, with just enough cushion. For this reason it’s important to test mattresses in a store to find one that fits your unique needs. Or perhaps you want something that is more in the middle?