The one attacking her was the mousy girl sitting in the defendant's chair! It's just like the movie!" Edgeworth will ask you when you received the Autopsy Report. Check the clock in the Court Record. Choose "The day after the murder." The judge asks Gumshoe to try again in his testimony. However, we know that's not possible. So I make that my policy. The next witness is Miss April May. Even if the player has already found out about White from May, she'll continue to state that her "lips are sealed!" Choose "Yes" when the judge asks if you have an objection, then present "The Thinker" to the court. I brought it to her at precisely the requested time, of course. If you look at the Court Record and check the Autopsy Report, you will notice that it says that Mia died instantly after being hit. and "We received a report from the building across the way, see."). This has brought about a new possibility in the case. You asked the bellboy why he hasn't mention it. About 15 years ago, a case known as the "DL-6 Incident" involved the police using a spirit medium to identify a murderer. That… that clock! This may be a leftover from an earlier attempt to keep the detective's distinct style of speech from the Japanese version (where he slurs the end of his sentences), and is reminiscent of the way that actors like, Once Wright worked out that Redd White was the one who murdered Mia, White calls the "Chief Prosecutor" to have Wright arrested. During the second instance of White's "The Wiretapping" testimony (namely the version after Mia gives Wright the receipt for the glass light stand), Edgeworth will say "Now, Mr. White. Present the Wiretap. I did! You can choose other response which leads to the same conclusion although a bit silly. Everything except the wheels is silhouetted in darkness. Your goal in each case is to find all of your clients not guilty. And I delivered the ice coffee to our guest Miss May, herself. Choose whichever you want. April says that she heard the clock from her hotel. This page was last edited on 24 December 2017, at 13:47. The section of the recorded conversation between Mia and Maya that Wright plays in court is different from the same part in the prologue and under Maya's Cell Phone in the court record, in that some parts are missing (although this may have been deliberate on Wright's part), while others are changed (e.g., Maya never says "So you just want me to hold on to "The Thinker" for you, then?" The judge will extend the trial for an extra day. The victim – the woman – dodged the first attack and ran off to the right. There is not really much in the testimony, as most of it was thrown out. I saw it! Don't step on my blue suede shoes..." before angrily realizing "Wait! While in the anime, it takes place from April 3rd to April 7th. You won’t really get any new information, but this will prompt Edgeworth and the judge to try and dismiss the witness, since he doesn’t have any new information. And then, oooh! This is the Day 1 (Investigation) portion from the Turnabout Sisters case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Choose "Call the bellboy as a witness." We had a witness account describing her! And she hit her with that weapon! When you can, present Maya’s Cell Phone. You're given three choices. Upon finding himself accused of Mia's murder, Wright muses that he never expected that he would be in the defendant's chair himself at some point. The camera slowly zooms away from a wheel that is turning. The remakes for the, When May first introduces herself to the court, the judge tells her off for winking at the courtroom audience.