Wash the inner lid frequently to avoid odor. 5. Simply remove the inner lid from the appliance and clean thoroughly. They also have many books focused on specific small appliances, including a few slow cooker titles that I have been enjoying for several years. The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. Philips values and respects your privacy. A colleague suggested getting a rice cooker. Free delivery on orders over $100 for all orders placed via www.philips.com.au Nutritional Keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours Use the keep warm function to keep rice or dishes warm for a longer period of time, without losing food nutrition and taste. (800) 733-6270 / (310) 769-1900 Phone Lines Temporarily Closed You would actually be completely surprised what you can do with it. Use the keep warm function to keep rice or dishes warm for a longer period of time, without losing food nutrition and taste. The Philips rice cooker is specially coated with the non-stick material which is more durable and easy to clean. Cooker Recipes, Cooking, Recipes, Tips. Overall Rating / 5. If you are arriving at the cottage late Friday night, and it’s still May and a wee bit chilly to go out and barbecue, or perhaps it’s July, and the cottage is suffocatingly hot and you don’t want to heat it up more by turning on the stove, just bring some prepped food and make dinner in the rice cooker. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed.  Litres / cups. How sweet is that? So, a risotto, for example, works because you start out by sauteing the onions, etc., before you throw in the rest of the ingredients to happily simmer in the cooker. Laura Hacker Viva Collection Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Tastier Rice, Enjoyable Meal The Philips cooker looks great with temperature control and an extremely durable, cutting-edge 5-layer golden inner pot, which conducts heat evenly for food cooked in the traditional style of big pot See all benefits Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Freshness locked in, your best rice every time Nutrition is important to keep healthy.Philips' new rice cookers come with smart cooking programs on temperature control so that freshness& nutrition is better preserved.Revolutionary design on rotary knob control make recipe selection easy See all benefits Daily Collection Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Great tasty rice and dishes for all the family Smart 3D" creates powerful heat circulation from top, side and bottom that heats rice evenly and thoroughly, together with the long loasting Bakuhanseki coating inner pot makes great tasty rice … Sorry, we're having trouble loading this Tumblr. She said that I could just throw in the rice and water, and turn my back on it while I cooked up the rest of the food. The food cooks on steam and in its own juices, preserving the flavour to the maximum. I had chunks of chicken that I had prepped ahead in a marinade, that just needed to be put on skewers for the barbecue. All rights reserved. In fact, his comment was something along the lines of ‘that had better not go into the small appliance graveyard in the basement’. If it turns off before that time, reset it and start it again until it finishes. If you have kids going away to university or college this fall, or a child moving out on their own for the first time, a medium sized rice cooker, along with this book would make a wonderful, reasonably priced gift. So I decided to give 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes a try. The Philips' rice cooker HD4740/20 comes with smart & automatic cooking programs to control the right temperature so that the freshness and nutrition is better preserved and not lost. Overall Rating / 5. Extra thick case aluminum nature inside coating ensure high heating power is generated and evenly heated around the pot. And I love the fact that I can make dishes from pantry and freezer staples, like this Lemony Rice Risotto with Shrimp. Canadian publisher Robert Rose Inc, specializes in a variety of books that focus on specific health issues (such as Diabetes Meals for Good Health that I recently reviewed), dietary areas such as gluten free, and vegan, and cookbooks that simply zero in on a specific area and give you essentially a bible featuring a specific number of recipes in that genre (such as these recent publications that I also reviewed this year, 150 Best Cupcake Recipes, and 150 Best Indian, Thai, Vietnamese & More Slow Cooker Recipes. From this book, I have made Vegetarian Chili, almost all of the risotto recipes, including this Lemony Risotto with Rice recipe (excellent summer dish while fresh corn is in season), and tapioca pudding.