You are walking to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house. 2. You are walking to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house. If you're looking for a more holistic, research-backed approach, there are various tests of the so-called Big Five personality traits. On the contrary, do you prefer to live in an illusion all your life or do you want to face the truth? 1. One is a straight path which takes you there quickly, but is very plain and boring. The choice is yours. Discover and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Rank five people according to their actions in a scenario in which a lady attempts to cross a river in order to be reunited with her boyfriend. Linda has no money and has no other way to get back across the river. On learning the news, Charlie finds Linda and ends things with her, stating that he wants nothing more to do with her. Linda has no money and has no other way to get back across the river. What is the second animal you see? Charlie is chastity? Take the Enneagram Quiz: How Would You Cross the River? In general, this kind of truth hurts, I can understand it so necessarily that you do not say it diplomatically or too directly, the evil comes back to the same ... Social connection most likely to counter depression, out of 100 modifiable factors. Another man, Steve, then tells Linda that he will giver her $100 if she sleeps with him. Steve is sex? Step 1: Read the story below: Charlie and Linda who are very much in love and devoted to one another, are separated by a river with no way of getting across to the other side. I totally disagree with the result. Meyers-Briggs, Love Languages, and, most recently, the cube test have all floated my proverbial boat — especially that last one. Draw before you read this part..!!! We'll never sell or inappropriately share your personal data. However, Charlie's friend, Felix, finds out what happened and immediately tells Charlie. This is what they call a relational psychology test. This is a guided imagery personality test. 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There are two roads to get there. Not a member yet? Meet the Big Five, the way most psychologists measure and test personality. What’s your personality, and what can it tell you about your true self? ). ... jump into the river and swim across b. find another way to cross it 12. A Walk In The Woods – Relational Psychology Test. Here is what each character in the story represents. On Linda's side of the river, there is a boatman who is able to take her over to the other side of the river but refuses to do so unless she pays him $100, twice his normal fare. Explore and participate in hundreds of our studies. Pen and paper are recommended for this one to keep track of your answers. People who give opposite or mutually random answers tend not to get along well. Those questions have launched a thousand online personality quizzes. Do it on your own and make sure your drawing is not influenced by anyone or anything. What is the first animal you see? 1. People having similar ranking systems tend to be compatible - not surprisingly, since the above choices are an important indicator of character and values. Some versions have you imagine a desert rather than a field, and others see the flowers as your children (i.e. Your answer reveals how you rank business, chastity, friendship, love and sex, and therefore their importance in your life. She is reunited with Charlie and they are very happy together. Create a free profile by taking our personality test or entering your results yourself. I don't think Felix should be friendship. The answers to these questions indicate relevance to values that you hold in your personal lives. Learn how your personality type influences many areas of your life. Instructions: Draw a sun, a river, tree, snake and house.