The Asian ethnic group had the lowest proportion of both adults (2%) and children (5%) who had experienced personal crime in the last year. 2.6 %. The proportion of stop and searches conducted on White suspects decreased from 75% in 2014/15 to 59% in 2018/19 and increased for all minority ethnic groups. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. “If your audiences have broadened expectations of what they would like to see with regards to representation and lives they can access and you are not offering them that you will be increasingly less relevant,” she claimed. If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need a “But our report shows how far there is to go. The report came a couple of days after Ofcom declared increasing representation of minority groups was “a priority” for the regulator, warning broadcasters would face “disaster” without making diversity central to their work. In 2018, the ACSL for possession of weapons offences was highest for the Asian Ethnic group (17.1 months) and lowest for Chinese or Other offenders (8.8 months). This publication compiles statistics from data sources across the Criminal Justice System (CJS), to provide a combined perspective on the typical experiences of different ethnic groups. Black prisoners served the greatest proportion of their original sentence in custody. Audiences, especially young people, “are used to seeing race and religious and sexual diversity as the norm,” she told an event in Westminster, claiming British broadcasters would be unable to compete with global streaming services such as Netflix without making representation of LGBT people and ethnic minorities a major focus. This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. No causative links can be drawn from these summary statistics. The proportion of stop and searches conducted on White suspects decreased from 75% in 2014/15 to 59% in 2018/19 and increased for all minority … Great Britain’s (England, Scotland, Wales) employee workforce includes people from a number of different ethnic groups. Among minority ethnic groups, Black individuals were often the most over-represented. The proportion of staff and practitioners in criminal justice system organisations from White ethnic groups has slightly decreased over the last 5 years with equivalent increases seen across most minority ethnic groups. In general, minority ethnic groups appear to be over-represented at many stages throughout the CJS compared with the White ethnic group. Ofcom’s Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Television 2018 report was published on Thursday, a year after the watchdog ordered broadcasters make a serious effort to monitor and record workers’ ‘protected characteristics’ in order to “identify under-represented groups and help tackle a lack of diversity in UK television”. The greatest disparity appears at the point of stop and search, arrests, custodial sentencing and prison population. “This is in broadcasters’ interests, because it helps them make programmes that reflect the whole UK. White Europeans. In 1981, the Home Affairs Select Committee report stated that an increase in ethnic minority involvement in politics will create ... special representation for ethnic minorities. The areas of focus include: Victimisation, Police Activity, Defendants and Court Outcomes, Offender Management, Offender Characteristics, Offence Analysis, and Practitioners. Please tell us what format you need. White people and heterosexuals are underrepresented in the British television industry, an Ofcom audit has found — but the watchdog still insists there is “much more to do on diversity”. A higher proportion of Black homicides were against children, 17% of Black victims were 17 or younger, compared to an average of 11% across all ethnicities. Request an accessible format. In 2018/19, both adults and children from the Asian ethnic group were half as likely to report victimisation when compared to the White ethnic group. Over a third (36%) of White offenders had 15+ previous cautions or convictions, compared to 25% of Black offenders and 17% of Asian offenders. Population of England and Wales Regional ethnic diversity Demographics. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. This statistic shows the total number of children looked after by childcare services in England as of March 2018, by ethnic origin. 0.4 %. Distribution of non-white ethnic backgrounds in Scotland in 2018. Since 2016, Black offenders had the lowest proportion remanded in custody that went on to receive an immediate custodial sentence for sexual offences. In 2018, minority ethnic children also had a higher proportion remanded in custody, had a higher custody rate and received longer custodial sentences. For drug offences, the custody rate was consistently highest for the Chinese or Other ethnic groups over the last 5 years. For the majority of the report no controls have been applied for other characteristics of ethnic groups (such as average income, geography, offence mix or offender history), so it is not possible to determine what proportion of differences identified in this report are directly attributable to ethnicity. Black suspects had the highest proportion of arrests that resulted from stop and searches in the latest year, at 20% which has increased from 15% since 2014/15. The Black ethnic group had the highest reoffending rate and White reoffenders had the highest number of reoffences per reoffender. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. Since 2016, Asian Offenders had the longest ACSL for possession of weapons offences. Just over half (52%) of adults arrested in London were from minority ethnic groups, compared to 22% of adults arrested in the rest of England and Wales. White offenders have had a consistently lower average custodial sentence length (ACSL) for indictable offences than all other ethnic groups since 2014. Vikki Cook, Ofcom Director of Standards and Audience Protection, said: “We’re encouraged that major broadcasters understand the need to attract people who may not feel they can make a career in TV. The conviction ratios for White, Asian (83%) and Black (81%) defendants have converged with each other over the last 5 years, remained constant for defendants from Mixed ethnic groups (77%) and fallen for Chinese or Other ethnic groups (75%). Of those remanded in custody, 73% of White defendants were sentenced to immediate custody, a larger proportion when compared to all minority ethnic groups (between 69% and 72%). It also took issue with official government data on the proportion of LGB people in Britain, declaring 2 per cent to be “too low” and directing readers to a survey that claimed sexual minorities make up 6.5 percent of the population. In 2018, a higher proportion of White offenders had a long history of offending. Over the last 5 years, custody rates for indictable offences across ethnic groups have been converging, and the overall custody rate (where ethnicity is known) has increased from 28% in 2014 to 34% in 2018. White defendants have consistently had the highest guilty plea rate since 2012, with 70% pleading guilty in 2018. In 2018, White offenders had an ACSL of 18.3 months compared to 29.1 months for Asian offenders, 28.0 months for Black offenders, 23.3 months for Chinese or Other offenders and 22.2 months for offenders from Mixed ethnic groups. White defendants consistently had the highest conviction ratio for indictable offences over the last 5 years (with the exception of 2015) and was 85% in 2018. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. BBC Diversity Boss Reveals Fourfold Overrepresentation of LGBT Staff — But Insists More Must Be Hired, — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) July 2, 2018.