Newest. No answers. My watched tags. Paraphrasing is a crucial concept to be aware of when it comes to writing something important, like an essay. What can I use to paraphrase "during the 1990s"? The five quoted passages included in this worksheet are taken from the writings of HGSE faculty. Summary: This resource discusses how to paraphrase correctly and accurately. Although the answers are clear and grammatically seem to be correct, the vocabulary is limited and too simple. 0answers 27 views How to paraphrase “the 1990s” in an academic writing task. No accepted answer. Sorted by. Most votes. 0. votes. Tagged with. Record questions you have about the text concepts in the left column and answers you find in the reading in the right column. This quiz tests you on how to go about paraphrasing. Recent activity. Paraphrasing Exercise: Possible Answers. Identify how concepts relate to what you already know. The following tags: Apply filter. Exercise 5: Paraphrasing 43 EXERCISE 5: PARAPHRASING Quick Fact Chart Overview Students use the textbook passage,Main Idea Review Passage 3: Adoption (pages 39–40). Most votes. You’ll find answers to some of the questions you may have about paraphrasing. paraphrasing-exercises. votes. Recent activity. Let’s take a look at a good example now with the same questions… Bounty ending soon. No answers. paraphrasing exercises with answers - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Bounty ending soon. Tagged with. Students work in small groups to understand and paraphrase content. My watched tags. Cancel. Here are sample answers for the paraphrasing exercise: According to Jacques Cousteau, the activity of people in Antarctica is jeopardizing a delicate natural mechanism that controls the earth's climate. Has bounty. Most frequent. No accepted answer. Principles of Paraphrasing: How to Avoid Inadvertent Plagiarism in Three Easy Modules 1 Test Your Paraphrasing Skills Worksheet Paraphrasing Quotes by HGSE Professors Before beginning this worksheet you should have completed the Principles of Paraphrasing online tutorial. The Important Questions SUNY Potsdam College Writing Center Carson 106 WHAT WILL I LEARN? In this tutorial, we’ll go over: the definition of a paraphrase, how paraphrases show your understanding of the texts you cite, and the line between paraphrasing and plagiarism. Has bounty. Add examples and details; For retaining key ideas as you read, write a summary statement at the end of each paragraph or section. Sorted by. They also receive a copy of pages 44–45. Most frequent. Newest. Now that you have … The following tags: Apply filter. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Cancel-2. 0answers 40 views Sentence transformation with “say” In an exercise, a sentence is given: I think it would be best if you didn't mention John's behaviour to his mother.