Pantry pests are usually brought into the home/business in an infested package of food. Call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control for assistance. Soap and water will work just fine, but a bleach/water solution is also okay. The pantry pest control team at Batzner knows that a pantry pest problem can ruin your day. Pantry Pest Control Have You Seen Any of the Pests Below? Often the first indication of an infestation is small moths flying about or beetles in or near a package of food. Common Pantry Pests in Vermont. Read on to learn some of our expert info on pantry pest beetles and bugs. Any kitchen space can become infested with a pest, but pantries are especially prone. Pantry Pest Control Serving Vancouver WA | Portland OR | Beaverton OR. 1. Remove and look through all bags and boxes of dried good in your cabinet or pantry. Its the holiday season. Trash any that you suspect of infested. Pantry moths and pantry pest. You do not have to deal with pantry pests on your own. In most situations, disposing of infested foods and vacuuming out storage areas will allow you to control the infestation. 2. Pantry Pest Control and Prevention. With a few preventative measures, you can keep your pantry clean and pest-free. Neither products stored in your refrigerator or pantry are 100 safe from stored product pests. Pantry Pest Treatment. First and foremost, always find the source of infestation. Clean all surfaces and storage areas thoroughly before replacing the food. Pantry pest control. If you have a recurring problem with pantry pests, call in a professional pest control expert to help you resolve and prevent the problem. Pantry pest control can be simple with expert knowledge from the team at Vermont Pest Control in mind. Try putting pheromone traps or insect growth regulators (IGRs) in your pantry to help limit future pest problems. Facts pantry pests also called stored product pests are brought into your home in flour oatmeal cereal and other dried products. Initially, infestations are easy to overlook, because the insects involved are quite small, especially in the egg and larval stages. Pantries are the ultimate in food-storage convenience, but pantries are also convenient for pests, offering both shelter and food. Meanwhile, institute these preventive measures: Seal all food items in bug-proof containers; Wipe down kitchen counters and sweep floor daily; Empty garbage into an outside bin Pantry Pest Traps and Sprays The choices in pest control for this specific problem run the gamut from sprays and topical applications such as Demand CS , to hanging products such as Nuvan ProStrips that provide time released pesticide protection for several months at a time. There are multiple types of stored product pests, and they all infest different types of dried goods. In general, proper sanitation and cleanliness will clear up infestations and prevent pantry pests from returning. Pantry pest beetles often manifest in items that are brought into your home from the store. Most pantry pests are minuscule in size, making it hard to detect them.