The endorsement by these scholars reflects a groundswell of concern among experts that misinformation about research evidence is impoverishing custody decisions and public policy. 1170660 and company limited by guarantee No. If the two of you can't come up with an agreement either of you has the right to file a complaint for custody. Each case is different; overnight stays should not be mandatory. The father-child relationship (but not the mother-child relationship) is likely to be worse for these children. But when parents separate, some people mistakenly think that it is best for young children to spend every night in one home, usually with mom, even when this means losing the care their father has been giving them. Attachment theory is not the only source of evidence that children benefit from having multiple carers. 10445272, Tackling child behaviour problems effectively requires better understanding of differences between an ‘orchid’ child and a ‘dandelion’ child, Stress of adversity harms children biologically and behaviorally, but good care can reverse the damage, Divorce poison: How to protect your family from bad-mouthing and brainwashing, Welcome back, Pluto: Understanding, preventing, and overcoming parental alienation. As the evidence above shows, father dropout is a significant early child development issue. Despite all strides in cracking gender barriers, many of us still think that it is mom’s exclusive role to care for infants and toddlers, and that we jeopardize young children’s wellbeing if we trust fathers to do the job. Babies regularly sleep in different places. Is the separation of a young child from the mother damaging after all? He challenges widespread notions that there is something inherently risky about babies staying overnight with their fathers. Our recommendations apply to most families. Many married mothers work night shifts that keep them away from their infants and toddlers at night. You can make countless customizations like these until the parenting time calculations meet your distinct needs. Why was it written? Modern attachment research shows that multiple attachments are important for early child development. Compared with children whose parents are married, other children have a higher incidence of adjustment difficulties that extend into adolescence and early adulthood, including high school dropout and suspension, externalizing behavior problems such as aggression, substance abuse, and poor relationships with both parents. Because early attachments are so important for early child development, and because of the desirability of maintaining routines and avoiding sudden changes, Warshak argues that patterns of care should be established as early as possible. The general advice to parents of babies is that both parents need to spend adequate time with their children, establish routines, and show affection. Since the 1970s, research has increasingly challenged the notion of primary carers as a psychological reality. Warshak points out that sharing care of very young children is now the norm in society. Care from two parents affords the child a greater diversity of experience and more intellectual richness in the home. However, what i find in research material and find it very convincing is the opposite to the notion that overnight stays from the main caregiver is detrimental to the child's well-being. Yet some holdouts believe that shared parenting, appropriate for older children, is ill- suited to meet the needs of young children. After parents divorce, regular overnight stays with dad are best for most young children By Richard A. Warshak October 2014 No Comments 110 mental health experts from 15 countries endorse report that recommends overnight care children from both parents after separation. He argues that overnight stays with both parents, even for babies, are important to support early child development.