Once you’re at the bottom of the shaft, you’ll reach a long hallway which leads to another ledge. Carry on through the Cryptarch’s Vault until you reach the treasure room with the Outbreak Perfected case at the end. Forcing us to run the heroic versions of these 2 quests numerous times over several weeks to complete the catalyst is ridiculous. I've been reading different things about it but it just doesn't seem 100% clear. Much like its previous incarnation, it has the potential to be a highly versatile multipurpose weapon in the hands of a player with good aim. Honestly outbreak isn't really worth using without the catalyst tbh. I'm confused about the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst. 10. The first heroic completion to get the catalyst, and 20% progress on the particulates you need to collect. DepreceV2 5 months ago #1. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pick it up its Catalyst in the Heroic Zero Hour mission. Is the Outbreak Perfected catalyst worth it? If you do the vault puzzle and get all 49 locks correct for the aforementioned bounty, you get put to 33% progress for the week, putting it in line with Whisper where the Cat and the Ship are obtainable at the same time in the third week the activity is available. I have the Catalyst but I need to get Siva Particulate to get it done. Instead of taking the vent under the ship to the left, head to the right and go to the back-right AC box. You already have Outbreak Perfect, now it’s time to improve it. They should double the time on the heroics since they are more difficult and complicated and take a lot longer to finish. Outbreak Perfected is the third Exotic Pulse Rifle introduced into Destiny 2, the other two being Vigilance Wing and Graviton Lance. I also got 20% done on the Siva Particulate section of that Catalyst. This is why this catalyst seems quite rare in the game. User Info: DepreceV2. Outbreak Perfected (Catalyst from Heroic Zero Hour) – This cat is tough to get and complete with Heroic Zero Hour runs, and it’s…fine. Completing the catalysts for whisper and outbreak should just be getting kills like every other catalyst. When I beat the Heroic version, the Catalyst dropped. I don't have it either, it is extremely difficult if you don't have a team that are skilled and you are comfortable playing with. Question. The Outbreak Prime Exotic pulse rifle was added to Destiny 2 last week as the revitalised Outbreak Perfected and it comes with quite the challenging questline. It's much more difficult now after the super nerfs and increased enemy health this season as well.