Once you have acquired Outbreak Perfected you can redo Zero Hour as a heroic adventure to earn the catalyst. Outbreak Perfected Perks © The classic D1 pulse rifle "Outbreak Prime" makes a return to D2 in the form of "Outbreak Peftected"! The exotic pulse rifle is a D2 update of the Destiny 1 raid favorite Outbreak Prime. Once you have finished, you will obtain Outbreak Perfected. Destiny 2's Outbreak Perfected is an Exotic quest made available during Year 2.. It sees the return of original Destiny's Outbreak Prime as the renamed Outbreak Perfected, but … Destiny 2 players have finally beat the Zero Hour mission and reaped their rewards, which include the Outbreak Perfected catalyst and the SCRAP CF-717-91 ship from the reward schematic. Outbreak Prime Exotic Quest Steps 0. Completing the catalysts for whisper and outbreak should just be getting kills like every other catalyst. Forcing us to run the heroic versions of these 2 quests numerous times over several weeks to complete the catalyst … Destiny 2 Quest - Outbreak Perfected - Last week to get Outbreak and still have time to finish the catalyst!!! Players have discovered a new quest in Destiny 2. Surprise secret quest brings 'Outbreak Perfected' to Destiny 2 today. It's very difficult. I can see running the heroic versions of this and the whisper quest once for the catalysts. A whisper-style timed mission makes acquiring this weapon difficult for most, and makes acquiring the catalyst near impossible for many of the more casual players. Zero Hour is a Raid-like timed mission that sees you return to the old Tower. Zero Hour Ship Schematic and Outbreak Perfected are one of the hottest items in Destiny 2 now. Find Fallen Transponder in Bad Neighbors Mission. By Andy Chalk, Tim Clark 07 May 2019. You can, if you want some extra dialogue and fun context for the Outbreak Perfected mission ahead, but not doing so won’t lock you out of the Exotic. Land precision final blows with Outbreak Perfected and obtain SIVA Particulate. Based on data-mining and the SIVA influence, players assume the quest will lead to the fan-favorite Outbreak … I will take as many groups through this/heroic as need be, so if full, go to reserve and I'll run with you after. Zero Hour Ship Schematic and Outbreak Perfected are one of the hottest items in Destiny 2 now. Note: You must have completed the “Enemy of My Enemy” world quest for this door to be unlocked. Outbreak Perfected is a top-tier Pulse Rifle that drops from Zero Hour - an intense, lengthy mission that requires a dedicated Fireteam and lots of practice. Dm Simply Zek#8651 how far you are in the quest so I can organize. … Destiny 2 players can gain early access to the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst and the Scrap CF-717-91 Heroic Zero Hour ship by completing the Solar Configuration puzzle. You have 20 minutes to defeat this mission.