I am grateful to the editors for making available such a vast abundance of graphic material, much of it deriving from the Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collection at the University of Reading. Whether employed to warn or impart information about symptoms, prevention, and infection, graphic design plays a significant role in the front-line response to infectious disease, making life-saving messages accessible to all. Sign systems, consist of symbols and pictograms, has a great role in rapidly developing recent technological systems, complicating city life, mutually understanding of people from different cultures and languages. A Teaching Tool for the Common Man . Supplement to Otto Neurath. Crop from Leprosy poster-leaflet, 1955, Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collection, University of Reading. After 1921, Neurath became secretary of the Cooperative Housing and Allotment Association in Vienna, a public housing program. Signs, symbols and … Keywords: Otto Neurath, Atlas “Society and Economy”, Graphic Design 1. 55 The works of Mijksenaar and Krampen are more recent. INTRODUCTION The Museum of Society and Economy (Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum – hereafter abbreviated as GWM), which served as Neurath's base for both the formulating and putting into practice of his visual . Visual Education . 1.INTRODUCTION Sign systems consisting of symbols and pictograms play great role for mutual understanding of people from different cultures and languages given the rapidly growing technological systems and sophistaced urban life. It stakes out entirely new ground in the realm of Neurath scholarship, and helps build our knowledge of the history of graphic design in immeasurable ways. Way before Edward Tufte mortgaged his home to finance his book on infographics, a polymath by the name of Otto Neurath saw value in images being more than just a pretty picture. graphics in recent visual communication design scope. Keywords: Otto Neurath, ISOTYPE,pictogram,data visualization,visual communication. Signs, symbols and pictograms, which On the contrary, Meggs, Holmes and Wildbur all devoted two pages of their books to Neurath and ISOTYPE before 1992. He had a vision of using images as a universal language, changing the way we look at statistics and, yes, the restroom… forever. To achieve this, with the help of graphic designer Gerd Arntz, who joined him in 1927, Neurath developed data graphics, the visual display of quantitative information, into pictorial statistics using what he named the ‘Viennese method’. Otto Neurath - International System fOr Typographic Picture Education (ISOTYPE's) Otto Neurath was a Viennese, Philosopher, Economist and Social Science came up with the concept of ISOTYPE's in the 1920's, after finding himself dwelling on Egyptian Hieroglyphics and how they could communicate a story, purely through imagery or pictures.