“The first step is to understand the capabilities of both an optical sorter and a robot,” Adam Lovewell, process engineer for Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, Stamford, Connecticut, says. Eng., project director and Executive VP Sales and Strategic Positioning at Machinex, the first of the updated machines are being installed this summer. According to Jonathan Ménard, P. The future of optical sorting Advancements will continue in the sorting of recyclables at recycling centers. Cable recycling Processing and separation of granulates with different colours for further smelting: input consists of pelleted non-Fe metals such as copper, aluminium, zinc and lead (3.0 to 6.0 mm) The fraction obtained from multiple shredding and screening stages is then purified of magnetic metals (Fe) using magnetic drums. REDWAVE optical sorting machines through excellent industrial design achieves high performance and quality recovery of materials. Recology Adds Max-AI® Technology to Pier 96 Recycling Center. SAN FRANCISCO – October 29, 2019 – – San Francisco-based Recology has added four Max-AI® AQC (for Autonomous Quality Control) units and one VIS (for Visual Identification System) to the Recycle Central, a 200,000-square-foot materials recovery facility (MRF) the company operates on San Francisco’s Pier 96. Brand & Model: Torch HJ-C6R Materials it can process: Any kind of shredded plastic or plastic flakes. “The second step is to evaluate where you need to replace equipment or manual sorting with automated sorting. Advanced optical sorting machines and complete plant solutions grant highest recycling rates and maximum profit. The input material is guided through a ramp to fall into a curtain in front of the CCD cameras. According to Green, it makes the most sense to place the optical sorter on the most contaminated line because the machine can catch more contaminants than hand sorting. The new generation … For Green Machine, he says the goal is a 97 percent clean stream, and, while some manufacturers boast a 99 percent clean stream, the minimum market requirements are more realistic. We guarantee the most advanced sorting solution with the highest yield for your recycling plant. The MACH Hyspec optical sorter was originally introduced in 2012, with the latest generation unveiled to the industry at Waste Expo 2019. Glass . Used recycling equipment for Plastic Used optical sorter machine. Our innovative sensor technologies provide an array of recycling businesses with the opportunity to increase their efficiency, throughput and, ultimately, the bottom line. MSS prides itself in providing automated optical sorting solutions to all sectors of the recycling and waste management industry.