Place the pan on the lid and cook for 15 minutes, until the rice is cooked and water evaporated; Check the rice after 5 minutes to make sure it's not sticking and there is enough water; Stir, then replace the lid (if the rice isn't cooked yet - continue cooking with the lid on) If the rice … Close the lid of the rice cooker and turn it on to cook the tomato rice. This is a rice cooker recipe and I will use my basic 1 liter (1 quart) Cook and Warm rice cooker. Make sure that the tomato(es) have softened and intermixed with the rice. Link to the Shortcut is listed in the Recipe Notes section. Cook Time 20 mins. takes 6 hours to make but only 15 mins of your time. This easy Spanish rice made in the rice cooker comes together with a few simple ingredients, including a can of tomatoes, a diced onion, and some flavor-filled spices, so all you have to do is dump everything in, set it, and forget it!. Slow Cooker Pesto Chicken. Slow Cooker Beef. 100%. Prep Time 5 mins. Start rice cooker and cook until liquid is absorbed and rice is tender, about 50 minutes. Save Money By Making Rice a Main Meal - Rice Cooker Recipe . Onion Rice (Rice Cooker) Sounds easy and good, on my to make and taste list. Cook for as long as the cooker normally cooks rice. 7. 100%. Beef cooked in the slower cooker with onion and mushrooms. Rice Cooker Spanish rice . Print Recipe. Slow Cooker Beer Chicken. Step 4 Dissolve 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon and 1/4 cup water in a small bowl; transfer mixture to a blender. I love a good rice recipe. bacon, onion, rice, beef stock, minced garlic, frozen mixed vegetables and 2 more Rice Cooker Seafood Jambalaya crabmeat, onion, melted butter, oysters, rice, onion … Use a serving spoon to thoroughly mix the contents of the rice cooker. Flavourful, tender and easy.