Boy A and Boy B will be put in here until they turn 18 and won't even be held in a prison cell. Some of the boys … ... Oberstown is not a prison but it shares some of the same problems faced by prisons. The 15-year-old known as Boy A was allegedly assaulted by teenage boys as he watched television in the common area of Oberstown Detention centre on Sunday evening. Those with long term sentences go on to an adult prison at 18 and a half years. Oberstown is a Youth Detention Centre, not too far from Dublin. separate boys and girls detention units. Oberstown Children Detention Campus is committed to protecting all personal, special and criminal data held on you. Boy A, his grandfather previously said, was a loved and loving boy, with a passion for drawing and model-making. In another incident, a high-profile detainee (the murderer of 14-year-old Ana Kriegel known as Boy A) was set upon in a planned attack. They are now creating a 'mixed gender' unit. Then, a young boy had returned from a court hearing with a bag of 100 Valium tablets tied to his genitals. There were? As such, we want you, the ‘data subject’, to be clear as to how we collect, use, store and … Other side of the island.