Thread starter SOG; Start date Jul 16, 2012; SOG Well-Known Member. Use this calculator to convert to %. Please remember to use the PPM (Water Quality) option as S.J. Download this spreadsheet to easily obtain a detailed break-down of what you are feeding your plants when using the Hortimix or EHG ranges of nutrients. REMO Nutrient Calculator; Facebook Twitter. Grow Medium (?) Microelements may be listed as ppm. I feel it also adds an increased satisfaction to the whole process. And if your ppm is 500: 500*2/1000= 1 EC . Nutrient Profile Calculator If you use more than one fertilizer product in your nutrient solution, repeat the instructions for each product while writing down the ppm for each element on a piece of paper. If you’ve ever cooked rice, you’re probably familiar with ratios. In fact, a percent is a ratio of one part per hundred, or ‘cent’. As its name suggests, a PPM is simply a unit of measurement, like a percentage. (BASE NUTRIENTS - GROW A&B / BLOOM A&B) PPM : REDUCE BY: 800 : 1.5ml : 600 : 1.0ml : 400 : 0.5ml : 0 < 200 : Standard : FEED CHARTS ARE BASED ON 0 - 200PPM WATER QUALITY Chart type : Stage: Measurement units: How large is your reservoir? PPM, or parts per million, aren’t really a class of nutrient or an ‘ingredient’ in any true sense. If your plant nutrient recommendations are in ppm values, a sodium chloride TDS calibration is easier to use. Customizing your nutrient formula allows you ultimate control over your grow. Cut and paste the data into the ‘ppm in Solution Calculator’. This calculator includes all of the vital elements that should be included in any nutrient solution and a whole lot more! Jul 16, 2012 #1 This is my Nutrient and PPM Calculator (work in progress) The goal of this tool is to give the cultivator a full control In every aspect of the feeding program and schedule I have been contemplating making a commercial release Need some comments / feedback NPK PPM … Call Us Toll Free: 1-855-HEY-REMO (1-855-439-7366) About; Products; Contact; Find a Retailer; REMO Nutrient Calculator; REMO Nutrient Calculator Please specify your growing set-up and you will be provided with optimal product quantities. PPM chart included. When done, add the ppm's for each element to find the composite profile for all products. For every cup of rice, you use two cups of water. Detailed dosage breakdown by element into PPM and NPK ratio for Hortimix / EHG / General Hydroponics Flora Series. Nutrient PPM Calculator & NPK ratios. Enterprises holds no … Establishing SG (Specific Gravity) for %w/w Listed Products SG stands for Specific Gravity. Is it better to use an EC or a TDS meter? This free online hydroponic nutrient formula caclucator I came across online is awesome! 1*1000/2= 500 ppm. Some use the term density but density can also refer to solids. The feedchart calculations are based off the 700 PPM Scale. SoG's Nutrient NPK and PPM Calculator. Uber's premium nutrient calculator for the following products: Uni-One, Pyyro-K, RNA, F-D-S, and Hi-Q. If you have plant nutrient recommendations in EC units, an EC meter is convenient. Remo Nutrients Positively Inspired.