Chinese information processing uses computers to process Chinese characters and Chinese texts in order to implement input, output, retrieval, understanding and generation of Chinese language information.The course introduces basic knowledge such as Chinese character set encoding and the computational structure of electronic dictionaries, and introduces the research status and methods of … Top. They are enforced by laws and administrative regulations and concern the protection of human health, personal property and safety. Similarly, Microsoft Academic knows journal titles, conference names, and many research topics. Chinese standards may be either mandatory or voluntary. For example, when you type “Microsoft,” it knows you mean the institution, and shows you publications authored by researchers affiliated with Microsoft. Microsoft Academic understands the meaning of words, it doesn’t just match keywords to content. The Gaokao is held annually in China and is an academic examination not unlike the SAT's in the United States. Nanjing Normal University January 29, 2016. All standards that fall outside of these characteristics are considered voluntary standards. The students need to learn the basic theory, development history, research status and other aspects of professional knowledge. 2014 Mid-Year Exams S2_Maths_MYE_Geylang Methodist_2014 S2_Maths_MYE_Greendale_2014 S2_Maths_MYE_Holy Innocents_2014 S2_Maths_MYE_Northland_2014 End-of-Year Exams S2_Maths_EOY_Greendale_2014 2013 End-of-Year Exams S2_Maths_EOY_Bukit Merah_2013 S2_Maths_EOY_Holy Innocents_2013 In primary school, students learn Chinese, math, geography and the basics of the natural sciences. Try these queries to understand the power … English starts in third grade. To make things easier for you to get to our North Zhongshan Road campus, the International Students Office and International Students Volunteers Club will offer free airport pick-up service and information service at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Feb.23rd, 2020.. Free pick-up service Program Description . There are also music, painting and physical-education classes, and one class that translates to “education of thoughts and morality,” Zhang said. Ceirelav . The undergraduate program of Chinese Language and Literature aims to cultivate talents with a systematic and solid theoretical knowledge of Chinese Language and Literature. According to Chinese labour law, the standard working time is 40 hours per week. International Students Office of East China Normal University. Normal or express Only issues is not much choices in bishan area if we opt for express having said that we would give it a shot . This class covers a bit of political science and history, with stories about Chinese heroes. Hi Rain Thanks for the advice, i'm actually having deep tots for the past 2 days. If your kid gets to choose express/normal academic, do try to choose express even if the school is not so fantastic. In theory, the standard work week in China runs from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6pm, but in reality, overtime is the norm and most local companies don’t compensate their workers for it. Mandatory standards have the force of law as do other technical regulations in China. PREV; NEXT ; 1.