by David Templeton, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette . Bridgeport veteran with kidney failure a step closer to receiving vital transplant. The best and most current news on transplantation. Technology for organ transplantation. UCLA also also has helped pioneer that technology. Only the transplant surgeon transports life from one to another. UNOS developed the online database system, called UNet SM, to collect, store, analyze and publish all Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network data that pertains to the patient waitlist, organ matching, and transplants performed.. Technology Org Science and technology news. Both the heart transplant technology and EVLP help ensure that the sickest person receives the organ first. Posted July 7, 2020. But the chronic imbalance in donor organ supply and demand challenges the system and limits the access and the human impact. The best and most current news on transplantation. The transplantation community hungers for new ideas and new technologies that can rewrite the rulebook and push the boundaries. Medical science is … Only the organ donor offers such a second chance. Latest; Trending; Filter. New technology preserves organs during transplant process . It also allows thousands of more recipients to get a new chance at life. Tarun Gogoi very critical; PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi speak to son. New Transplant Technology Could Benefit Patients with Type 1 Diabetes. Details. All; Transplant; Dialysis; Donation; Man duped of Rs 4.50 lakh : The Tribune India . New gel could heal corneas and reduce the need for transplant . Combining a new hydrogel material with a protein that boosts blood vessel growth could improve the success rate for transplanting insulin-producing islet cells into persons with type 1 diabetes. New Womb-Transplant Technology Offers Progress — and a Warning . The Organ Care System is similar to the “heart in a box” technology, which works in a similar fashion for heart transplants. UCLA Leads in Transplant Technology.