He will also alert us in the case of any future issues with our water access points. Survey on water consumption and knowledge around the world, Healthy hydration: inspiring people to lead healthier lives and drink water, 10 Principles For High Quality Bottled Water, Improving our manufacturing environmental impact, Minimizing our bottled water distribution impact, Hydration: as part of a healthy lifestyle, Infants and Young Children Hydration | Nestlé Waters, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Sunt dicta temporibus nobis consequatur amet blanditiis aut maiores alias aut d…, Sta.Maria recognized for best CSR Practices in Mexico, Kids vs water & sugary drinks (pdf, 4,72 Mb), Water consumption around the world (pdf, 1.2 Mb), Recycled plastic and alternative packaging. This is why in Lebanon, our Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) in supermarkets – launched together with waste management provider Averda, and Lebanese supermarket chain Spinneys in 2011 – reward consumers with a two liter Nestlé Pure Life mineral water bottle for every recycled bottle. Through school programs, social media and art installations, we actively encourage recycling of PET water bottles. Judged on the innovative use of recycled plastic and product design centered on recycling, the DFR Award is ISRI’s most prestigious award. Discover the latest project from our Italian natural mineral water brand Levissima, part of its Recycle, Regenerate, Reuse approach. Running and recycling has seen us partner with major European race venues in London, Milan and Paris. Being well aware that health is of vital importance, we are convinced that our products make a positive impact on society and for that we are proud. To close this gap, we are evaluating or have entered into agreements with different suppliers. Download research on the relation between water and health, Cross-country survey sheds light on hydration habits, Learn how a proper daily supply of water can help us against stress and sleep disorders, You are currently on the Nestlé Waters global website, Pioneering new sciences to develop the packaging of the future, Creating new partnerships to help shape a waste-free future, Inspiring new behaviours to increase recycling, about Inspiring new behaviours to increase recycling, Helping consumers answer “Can I recycle this?”, Allying with other brands for a common cause, Partnering with the Ocean Legacy Foundation, about Creating new partnerships to help shape a waste-free future, Investing $6 million in the Closed Loop Fund, Achieving the European commitment of 90% collection for recycling by 2025 (PET bottles and caps), Boosting collection rates with local initiatives, The world’s first boat made of 99% recycled plastic, Plastiskul: microfactories for waste transformation, Fitness trails from recycled plastic bottles, Hope for homemakers through Recycle Beirut, Our industry unites to make four pledges for the circular economy in Europe, about Pioneering new sciences to develop the packaging of the future, Ready Refresh and home and office delivery solutions, NaturAll Bottle Alliance: bio-based PET bottles, Biotic: Perrier and bio-plastic in Africa, Perrier launches The Next Packaging Movement, Molestiae rerum beatae voluptatem sapiente pariatur Vitae ea sint pariatur Repellendus Sapiente assumenda accusamus occaecat, about Molestiae rerum beatae voluptatem sapiente pariatur Vitae ea sint pariatur Repellendus Sapiente assumenda accusamus occaecat, Even practicing sports at home, don’t overlook the importance of good hydration. Please be advised that this response may be delayed by … Recycle Beirut is not only transforming the recycling infrastructure in the city, it is also giving hope to the women, and their families, who proudly work with them. Back Go to For individuals and family. We have partnered with the Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF) to assist communities in restoring natural ecosystems affected by plastic pollution. By end of 2020, all of our brands will have clear on-pack end-of-life messaging. We created ‘drop zones’ for bottle collection along the route – during and after the event – and all PET bottles were reprocessed and recycled back into new bottles. Fast & Free Shipping. Does recycling make a difference? Blicken Sie in die Medienmitteilungen von Nestlé. At Nestlé Waters, we are pioneering new sciences for packaging that is innovative, 100% sustainable and made from recycled or renewable sources. The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) awarded its Recognition for Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility 2020 to Agua Sta.Maria... Nestlé Waters USA and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are teaming up to promote healthy hydration for kids. Go to See what we do. Purest Water. Moreover, PET is 100% recyclable! Nestlé Waters has created a Technical Training Center which aims to match the new generation with new jobs. With so many words and terms surrounding bioplastics – biodegradable, bio-based, compostable, vegetable-based - it can get confusing. At Nestlé Waters, we are inspiring new behaviours to close the loop on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles, by encouraging employees, stakeholders and consumers to be actively involved with recycling. Nestlé Professional Beverages : 0800/5891287 (Kostenfreier Service) Mo-Fr 8-17 Uhr [email … Back Go to Sharing water knowledge. Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. Secure Payments. Working with the local community, we have developed a program that aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of the watershed and facilitate water access for local people. We extract our water from our protected source, then put it through an 8-step quality process. Wir werden Ihnen so rasch als möglich antworten. Globally, PET and rPET are used in 80% of our packaging. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your … 82K likes. Our aim is to increase recycling rates of recyclable plastics such as PET bottles in partnership with other industry players, non-profits, social impact funds, governments and local communities. The main purpose of the bottle packaging is to protect the natural quality and characteristic of the water inside the bottle. We focus on renewable plant-based raw materials that do not impact existing animal and human food production. So können Sie uns kontaktieren: per E-Mail mit dem unten stehenden Formular, per Post an Nestlé Suisse S.A., Postfach 2222, 1800 Vevey, Schweiz oder per Telefon 0800 860 015 für den Consumer Service und +41 21 924 51 11 für die Zentrale. It's crunch time for plastic! With crowdfunding, lectures, ocean cleanup, and an Upcycling Sculpture Exhibit displayed in the Marine Natural History Museum in Busan, one of the largest port cities in South Korea.