View in Order History. These have obviously been finished by hand, and, while hand made tools are usually of superlative quality these seem to have been made by the hand of a kak-handed baboon. Extended-Reach Long-Nose Pliers. CK TOOLS. Minimum order of 1 items … Milwaukee 6 in 1 Combination Pliers feature Milwaukee 6 in 1 Combination Pliers feature a revolutionary, forged dual head design for wire stripping and needle nose functionality. Tight-Clearance Long-Nose Pliers. There are indeed other tools like the fencing pliers that meet the quota for such tasks. Nonmarring Long-Nose Pliers. Pliers grip wires, pipes and rods firmly in place whilst you tackle electrical, plumbing and craft tasks. For professional grade hand tools, pros choose STANLEY. Extra-long handles enable access in hard-to-reach areas. Each 1+ £34.52 £41.424 6+ £32.01 £38.412 12+ £31.37 £37.644. Also known as needle-nose and chain-nose pliers, these tools have long, tapered jaws. A unique reaming design is integrated into the pliers head for smoothing out rough edges of metal pipe, and a curved blade design allows for clean cuts through larger wire sizes. Long Needle Nose Plier Material. But it isn't just about their length either. Mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and other pros rely on STANLEY® for slip joint pliers, needle nose pliers, groove joint pliers, insulated pliers, locking pliers, side-cutting and diagonal pliers and wire strippers to get their jobs done. Since needle nose pliers are the only tools designed for bending, twisting and cutting wires, they find their purpose for many tradesmen. 145mm Needle Nose Pliers with Precision Box Joint and Induction Hardened Blades. Even though needle-nose pliers are a cornerstone tool of electrical work, they are put to use far beyond the trades. Needle-nose pliers are long by design but Zenith ZN502652 is really, really long even in comparison to most of these pliers. At the end of one set there is about 0.5mm gap, on the other set, a 1mm gap, so, not that good for tip length work with fine wiring or components. How to choose the best needle nose plier for your work. Firstly, that might be a bit of a heavy-duty tool to carry around for many tasks. One important thing to remember is that as with any tools made of steel, the quality of the steel can vary significantly. You previously purchased this product. Choosing the right pliers for the job in hand not only makes it easier, it can also make it safer when you opt for VDE pliers designed specifically for electrical work. The tested pliers. Either you care about brands, working tasks or material, it is important to choose the right one. With thinner tips than standard long-nose pliers, these tools fit into tight spaces. More long nose pliers than needle nose, not as fine as I expected. Restricted Item . With 2.875-inch jaws and 13.25 inches in overall length, you'll be able to reach wires and various objects in the most confined spaces.