An angel came to them to herald that the God had heard their prayers and they would have a child. We celebrate her entrance into the temple on November 21. Review the story again, with the icons. And on August 3rd, the Monastery honors and commemorates … The feast celebrates the birth of Mary, who was born to elderly Joachim and Anna. Perhaps because of its close proximity to the feast of the Assumption of Mary , the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not celebrated today with the same solemnity as the Immaculate Conception . Why was this day selected since it is not in the Holy Scripture? Likewise, Saint Joachim, Mary’s father, is gazing upon the young child with his right hand extended toward her. The church celebrates the birthday of Mary on September 8. To hide his shame, Joachim retreated to the hill country to live among the shepherds and their flocks. Orthodox Christianity doesn't accept the doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary and doesn't share understanding of the transmission of original sin. Previous to the reforms by Pope Pius XII, the General Roman Calendar of 1954 kept the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an Octavesince the Octa… The Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery is the 1st Greek Orthodox women’s Monastery in the Americas and is nestled in the tranquil, pastoral environment of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. On Monday, September 8/21, 2020, the Patriarchate celebrated the Feast of the Nativity of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos. The icon of the Nativity of the Thetokos presents the central figures of Saints Joachim and Anna, Mary’s parents, and the Mother of our Lord as an infant. Commemorated on September 8. Nativity of the Theotokos Feast Day: September 8 There has been a lot of discussion about the "Eight Days Fast Commemorating the Nativity of the Theotokos'. Easter Christians always finish harvesting until this day to praise the harvest and family well-being. The Feast of the Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary is celebrated on September 8 each year. As Joachim was praying, his wife Anna was praying at the same time at their house in Jerusalem. This date is also used in the Western Rite Orthodox Church. Today is the name day of: Despina, Kalamiotissa, Kalamia, Maria, Marietta, Marianos, Marianni, Marios, Panagiotis, Panagiota, Tsambikos, Tsambika. Saturday, November 21. Her father was of the lineage of David, and her mother of the lineage of Aaron. Anna is surrounded by attendants who have assisted with the birth. Anna promised to offer her child as a gift to the Lord. By destroying death he has granted us eternal life (Troparion). Present-day celebration of Nativity of Theotokos begins with a mass, special prayers are read. Nativity of the Holy Theotokos The Nativity of the Most-Holy Theotokos September 8th The Holy Virgin Mary was born of aged parents, Joachim and Anna. NATIVITY OF THE THEOTOKOS AND PRESENTATION OF THE THEOTOKOS Objectives: Students should be able to tell the stories of these two great feasts. By annulling the curse he bestowed a blessing. The Nativity of the Theotokos is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on September 8 (For churches still using the old Julian Calendar - for liturgical purposes - September 8 falls on September 21 of the Gregorian Calendar. Orthodox Christianity celebrates this feast annually on September 21. They remained faithful to God, but their prayers for a child were unanswered. It's believed, that Mary was kept free from actual sin by God's grace.