Thanks! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! I made the Mochi ice cream and freeze them , when I took it out it was stone hard, when I had it in Japanese shop, it was very soft , please tell me why ? Yours looks so good! You can also use this same technique to make mochi ice cream balls. My first question for you is if you like Japanese mochi or any type of mochi dessert. Please do not use my images without my permission. I hope I understood your answer correctly. Hi Jessica! We really enjoyed making it. My favorite flavors are green tea and mango. Without it, it will be rock hard and won’t stay soft. The only way to prevent that happening is to coat your hands/fingers or surface where mochi touches and it will be no issue. It’s ice cream, so the flour will be frozen too, when you freeze the mochi ice cream. I will be trying this recipe today . So don’t be too hard on yourself too. Hi Grazi! Thanks! Repeat with the remaining circles of dough and ice cream balls. Sure, that’s called Daifuku: Hello! I think at that point I had too much cornstarch out on it, so it wasn’t even thinking about forming back into a ball. Then you will cook the mixture. Hey, I went for it. Hi Mimi! Yes, it’s normal. Hi Sara! I recommend using a rolling pin because it’s easier to evenly spread out. Hi Lil! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Are these supposed to taste good? Is it possible to substitute another starch for the potato starch? But make sure to store in air-tight package and don’t let the skin dry out. Oh… yeah we can’t skip sugar for mochi as I noted in my Notes section. Required fields are marked *. i guess it’s less critical for the potato starch, as they are used for dusting. Any ideas on how to prevent this? We use this sticky rice for making mochi, and certain dish. Don't Miss: A Beginner's Guide to Gluten-Free Baking. Same Nijiya in SF, so you should be able to find same stuff as ones I buy. Love the recipe! Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Try Mochi ice cream! Thanks, your recipes are the best! Hi, can I use brown rice flour instead I don have the other flour. Hi Butch! If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #justonecookbook — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! I proceeded to microwave it according to the instructions and it turned translucent but was pretty much a ball in the bowl. My daughter loves strawberry and my son likes vanilla. Design by, (55 g; Do not omit sugar as it helps mochi stay softer). I had to add 4 times the flour to bring the recipe back. Thanks! You can find Mochiko in some American grocery stores here in the Bay Area, but you might need to look for it online if you don’t see it. . I’ve read they used mochi in place of the boba. Cause it’s WAY TOO AMAZINGLY awesome to not try it at home!! I want to make chocolate mochi, but I can’t find a recipe anywhere, and the ingredients for this is not exactly easy to come by for me, so I can’t afford to mess up ????. , Thanks so much! We were not sure if we were supposed to eat them raw or deep fry the little balls? I am so excited to try this. We just can’t touch mochi without having potato starch well coated, but when it’s too much coating, you need to remove it to make it sticky to close the seam… Many JOC readers had tried this recipe since I shared this recipe and made it work. Do you have an idea how i can get it in Austria/Europe? Nami, the potato and corn starch can be eaten raw? After I wrote to you I realized that I made a mistake with the amount of water I used, so my fault entirely! . Some Americanized Japanese restaurants deep fry mochi ice cream, but that’s not very Japanese style. Yes, we only use potato starch to prevent from sticking. Wish me luck! In a microwavable mixing bowl, mix the rice flour and sugar together. Using half the recipe, when I added the water to the sugar/Shiratamako mix, it immediately balled up and did not look as liquid as your photo. And also does the dough be hot or room temp when it is rolled out? I looked up in Japanese – it says for mochi like this, the amount of sugar can be half to equal weight as the cooked mochi. But babe can you advice where can I get shiratamako / mochiko flour in Singapore?? Can’t wait to try it! I guarantee the second time is much easier as you know what to do. The popular Japanese dessert is easier to make than you think. If these recipes didn't convince you to head over to your local Asian market to stock up on sweet rice flour to make mochi-inspired desserts, I'm not sure what will. Hi Linda, We love boba too! Mochi seems to be everywhere these days: as a topping at your local frozen yogurt shop, in ice cream balls (the green tea ones are heaven), and as colorful treats all over Instagram. I will check out the Nijiya in San Mateo next time I’m near there! I will be making another batch and I’m sure it will be better. I totally agree! Use juice to color the mochi at step 4. I love mochi ice cream, but I don’t think I’d try to make it by myself. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. It is best to check every 1-2 minutes as it is very easy to overcook the mochi especially in a high power (i.e., 1200 watt) microwave oven. For example would you had a fruit powder or could you add a vanilla essence? Have you had a chance to try? And work with mochi when it’s the workable temperature (but while it’s warm). My family thought they were extremely unappetizing. That new mochi surface is sticky as it is not covered by potato starch.