I'm on my second box of guava and really like it. I wouldn’t spend too much time removing bark. I have always been a believer: “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Cherry wood bark isn’t terrible unless it contains mold. For example Hickory or apple wood are my favorite. At Smoking #MeatGeeks we love to smoke with cherry wood. Can you taste the flavor of the smoke in your meat? Smokin Gator. Just experiment and find the ones you like. Apple – It is mild and sweet and also requires a lot of time to penetrate into your food which is why I recommend it for longer smoking. Your trusted wood smoking friend Gerry is here to help you out with finding the right wood for the job! I guess my question is if you mix these woods together (or any woods for that matter) does it alter the taste in anyway? Smoking with cherry wood and which meats pair best. Hickory and apple with butts, oak and cherry with brisket. I’ve been lucky enough to use my professional experience in the meat industry over the past 20 years to create a business where I love to go to work. After using each type, I am mixing different types to come up with different flavors of smoke. I generally will use pecan for ribs, sometimes add a little oak, and generally use mostly oak for butts and brisket. I know, I know I listed two here. I bought four boxes of 48 but only paid for three. It’s widely known for producing a great smoke ring and great color on your meat, but is still very, very mild. I usually use a combination of Pecan and maple, sometimes hickory or oak. If you want the flavor of cherry wood but not the color you can mix it with apple wood to help diminish the darkening effect. Gasket. It contains the strongest flavor of all the fruit woods and works well for mixing with other wood types. Apple wood is so sweet, even small animals like rabbits enjoy eating the branches! For any pork (ribs,butt etc) I use a combo of apple, oak and hickory. Thats all I use. We provide a place for everyone to share thoughts, ideas, and recipes; to be a go-to spot for cooking inspiration. Cherry on my comp. Yes! In the UDS I have been using about a 50/50 mix of hickory and pecan. I like to use it with pork ribs, and it can be mixed with other smoke woods like oak and cherry with fantastic results. I mix on 'bout every cook too. I haven't really worked with percentages of either/or. It can be … Brisket is a tough cut of meat comprised of tough fibers. I use mostly oak for my fuel source in the BSKD and use hickory, pecan, persimmon, or orange for altering the flavor depending on the mood. My favorites are Hickory and Pecan, Hickory and Oak and Cherry wood with a few minutes of hickory thrown in. For example, apple seeds contain the same chemical compound, but eating them won’t have any negative effects. Amazon is where I've gotten my pucks. We hope this will be helpful to you in your smoking ventures. I love Pecan. It gives very good results when combined with strong wood such as mesquite or oak. i like apple for taste and cherry for color. Cherry wood adds a delicious, sweet, and fruity, flavor to smoked salmon. Beware, cherry wood smoke will create a dark skin on light colored meats, such as chicken. I am not a Salmon fan--but that looks, well, it … Amazon is where I've gotten my pucks. There is no right or wrong input, as long as you’re engaging, you’re a Meat Geek! Unlike heavy woods such as oak, which is only good with meats such as beef, cherry is versatile; it can be used with all meats, from beef and pork to fish and chicken. It's no wonder why George chopped it down. I recently (April 2020) had a wild cherry tree (18-20 inch base) cut because it was growing at about a 60 degree angle. Woods such as apple have a mellow flavor and won't give you much in a short amount of time, but if you’re cooking for a while, then it has time to add that mellow flavor without overpowering the food. However, once you learn about the different types of wood for smoking meat, you will find those great few choices that will suit your personal tastes in no time. Cherry wood is a team player. I love pecan and it's easy to come by here so that is a staple, it doesn't put out the heat that oak will so I have to add more for heat or supplement with oak or lump. Some wood, of course, makes better smoke than others. And how are you applying them? APPLE: Smoky-sweet, mildly fruity flavor. Apple has a light, fruity, slightly sweet aroma and is commonly used with pork and poultry. The type of wood you use is probably the most important thing to think about when smoking with wood. Please log in again. The Smoked Jalapeno Popper to Rival All Others. Oak I get locally bout 80 bucks a rick, hickory and pecan i buy from Acadamy in chunks. Choosing the best wood for smoking meat can be a challenge! I too am interested in what others use and do. The compounds have to burn at a rapid rate for them to have a negative effect. I use peach and apple for pork and hickery and pecan for brisket. Custom design and rights reserved by WiredFrame Development Group, Smoking Wood : Tips for Smoking with Cherry. I mix apple and cherry most of the time. 03-26-2013, 02:52 AM. While a lot of people might put apple as their number one choice for smoked turkey woods, I find that the flavors in apple smoke are so subtle that it can actually take a long time to permeate the turkey meat and infuse it with flavor. It is delicate and not overpowering. 03-26-2013, 05:43 AM.