Seven priests live together in the same rectory under the direction of a Prior. Both Pope Urban IV and St. Bonaventure listened with tears of emotion to the beautiful work of this Saint. Located in Southwestern Florida, Our Lady Queen of Angels is visited every weekend and day of obligation. One year after the miracle of Bolsena, in August of 1264, Pope Urban IV introduced the saint's composition, and by means of the papal bull Transiturus, he instituted the feast of Corpus Christi. A: In the year 1263, a German priest, Peter of Prague, stopped at the town of Bolsena, north of Rome, while he was on a pilgrimage to Rome. And while St. Thomas was still reading, St. Bonaventure turned aside and tore his manuscript into small pieces. While celebrating Holy Mass above the tomb of St. Christina (located in the church named for this martyr), he had barely spoken the words of Consecration when blood started to seep from the consecrated Host and trickle over his hands onto the altar and the corporal. Then let the hearts and mouths of all break forth in hymns of saving joy; then let faith sing, hope dance, charity exult, devotion applauds, the choir be jubilant, and purity delight. Then let each one with a willing spirit and prompt will come together, laudably fulfilling his duties, celebrating the Solemnity of so great a Feast. Therefore, although this memorial Sacrament is frequented in the daily solemnities of the Mass, we nevertheless think suitable and worthy that, at least once a year – especially to confound the lack of faith and the infamy of heretics – a more solemn and honorable memory of this Sacrament be held. The appearance of blood was seen as a miracle to affirm the Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation, which states that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ at the moment of consecration during the Mass. We have not only done work in thousands of homes, hotels and apartments in south Texas, but also for Hilton, Marriott and other major hotels across the country. We should celebrate continuously the memory of this memorial, because the more frequently his gift and favor are looked upon, so much the more firmly are they kept in memory. After many years of trying, she finally convinced the bishop who was, at that time, assisted by Jacques Pantaleon, archdeacon of Liege and future Urban IV. 361-992-6808 One year later, in August of 1264, Urban IV, by means of the papal Bull Transiturus, instituted the feast of Corpus Christi for the universal Church. The True Presence: Eucharistic Miracles Over the Centuries for Corpus Christi Lanciano might be the most famous of all Eucharistic miracles, but … Located in the neighborhood of Arlington, St. Michael the Archangel Church is visited every weekend and Day of obligation. Therefore, to strengthen and exalt the Catholic Faith, we decree that, besides the daily memory that the Church makes of this Sacrament, there be celebrated a more solemn and special annual memorial. Be inspired by the transformations in our photo gallery, explore the services we have to offer and then contact us to change your surfaces from tired to inspired! Thank you! Something went wrong while submitting the form :(. Priests and faithful are united for worshiping God but also in many other common actions. The Naro family and Miracle Method have been serving the Corpus Christi area as the premier surface refinisher for over 20 years. Today the Corporal of Bolsena is preserved in a rich reliquary at This is so because on Holy Thursday, the day on which the Lord himself instituted this Sacrament, the universal Church, occupied with the reconciliation of penitents, blessing the chrism, fulfilling the Commandments about the washing of the feet and many other such things, is not sufficiently free to celebrate so great a Sacrament. Our work has been featured in the Corpus Christi Caller Times and in HGTV magazine. The pope listened to the priest's account and absolved him. The holy father reserved to himself the right of choosing which of these two great men’s writings would be used. Celebrate CORPUS CHRISTI with Stories of EUCHARISTIC MIRACLES! We give you a high-end look without the high-end cost. Discover the life of the Society of St. Pius X's priests living under the same roof in a rectory called "Priory". Pope Urban IV was prompted by this miracle to institute a new feast for the whole Church. The "1513" is the trimestrial bulletin written by our priests in Florida and offering short articles for the spiritual life. The Corporal of Bolsena dates from a Eucharistic miracle in Bolsena, Italy, in 1263 when a consecrated host allegedly began to bleed onto a corporal, the small cloth upon which the host and chalice rest during the Canon of the Mass. Our surface refinishing services are a great alternative to remodeling, and we aim to beautify tubs, counters, and tile. We have a youth league (ages 5 to 17), and adult league (ages 18 and up). Phone : (361) 214-2189 Fax : 361-992-6808 Toll-Free : 888-271-7690 5825 Patton St Corpus Christi, TX 78414