How Stream works with other products. Team's meeting recorded video, automatically posted to Team meeting's chat window as embedded video . Paste the URL into the direct link section, then click Save. ; Select Get Started. Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 live events bring live video streaming to a new level. Professional camera and sound setup. See also. When I paste stream video's link in Teams chat window, Teams is not formatting URL (as embed video), instead sending as URL. This will probably mean that we don't use Stream at all. Stream could be amazing if we could pull videos from elsewhere for colleagues to watch alongside our own. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Meetings > Live events policies.. Do one of the following options: If you want to edit the existing default policy, choose Global (Org-wide default). Live events encourage connection throughout the entire engagement lifecycle with attendees before, during, and after live events. Now, follow the guide given below to learn how you can stream to various social media platforms. Create or edit a live events policy. You can create a live event wherever your audience, team, or community resides, using Microsoft Stream, Teams, or … For those not familiar, Microsoft Stream is part of Office 365 and is essentially “Enterprise YouTube”. ; If you want to create a new custom policy, choose Add. Select the Microsoft Stream tab. If that video is on The process of broadcasting/ live-streaming a Microsoft Teams meeting using OBS is almost similar for different social media apps. ; In order to stream you YouTube, your Google account must be fully verified. ; If you want to edit a custom policy, select the policy, and then choose Edit. How to share a video or channel ; Enter your name, or the name you want to stream with, and select Create Channel. Select your Country, if you'd prefer to receive the two-step verification code with a phone call or a text message, enter your Phone Number, then select Submit. Produce the live event using an external hardware or software encoder via Microsoft Stream. Produce the live event using Teams, a lightweight option to create the event and invite presenters and panelists to participate on their own devices. In Controls click on Settings; Select Stream, then Custom Streaming Server in Stream Type; In Microsoft Teams copy the Server Ingest URL If the Live Event is created in Stream, copy the Server Ingest URL from Stream I am looking for similar feature. If you do cloud meeting recording in Microsoft Teams, it will end up in Microsoft Teams, and automatically be permissioned for the people in the meeting … Select the plus icon on the tab bar of your Team channel. ... We have recently moved to O365 and I'm disappointed that you can't pull YouTube videos into Stream. Now the final step, configure OBS Studio to send the video stream to Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Stream (the process is the same). For this process, you need the RTMP server and Stream key. If you added a channel, select any video in the channel to watch it in the Microsoft Stream tab. Open Microsoft Teams. An external app or device. Security. Sign in to YouTube with your Google account. You may want to show a product demo, a software technique, or an entertaining clip.