Robin Masih suggested changes to these lyrics. Both acts themes are great so here’s the lyrics to Act 2. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - 8 Bit 18. Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 - Sonic Mania OST by EGGETTE ROBOTNIK published on 2017-08-15T05:34:10Z. Only Lyrics. to "Phil’s homegirl, got Jack wanna keep her". Last update on: February 3, 2018. Phil’s from the 'Sco, Jack’s from the P.I." SegaSonic The Hedgehog 7. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles 219. Appearance Level Structure Features and Obstacles Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Miscellaneous Notes Top Bottom. Sonic The Hedgehog 86. Lyrics for Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 by Tee Lopes, Naofumi Hataya. About. In this game Sonic is Act 1, and Robotnik in Act 2. Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos 35. Search. Review changes. My Rating: What I Like: Dislike: Here’s are the lyrics to this song in Sonic Mania. Only Remixes. Sonic Spinball 23. 7. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 108. "Metallic Madness Act 2 - Sonic Mania" is a high quality rip of "Metallic Madness Act 2" from Sonic Mania. View Notes(0) Go to.. Sonic CD 140. 7. This one was pretty simple and straightforward! Anyone know the lyrics, since they're just as incomprehensible as ever? Filters. Metallic Madness robots leave behind flowers with green stems, orange stigma and yellow petals. Alpha218 3 years ago #1. Stream Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 - Sonic Mania OST by EGGETTE ROBOTNIK from desktop or your mobile device. Por si fuera poco, podrás previamente escuchar música online, y posteriormente descargarla con total seguridad, evitando que tu computadora de escritorio, o móvil, se infecte con software malicioso. Acabas de encontrar Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 Sonic Mania.Y lo mejor de todo es que te encuentras a solo un clic de descargar mp3 gratis de alta calidad como no existen en otros sitios. Sonic The Hedgehog - 8 bit 15. 2 years ago. 1. No translations available + Add Translation. I’m pretty sure these Lyrics are Correct but there’s that chance that a few or one words are wrong. I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite user on the Citadel. We detected some issues. SoundCloud. No notes have been posted in response to this section. Xan. I know it's like CD where Sonic raps over one track and Robotnik over a different one. Evil doctor with a rad genius And bad minions Who'll help enslave the planet, next to undefeated I'm back in rhythm like you like you've nev Games . From 0:12 to 0:26, replacing the existing rap lyrics with those from The Nutshack theme song, from "Hoo-ugh! Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 . Metallic Madness Act 2 Lyrics (Sonic Mania) Author. Metallic Madness rap; User Info: Alpha218. LyricsMetallic Madness Zone Act 2 Tee Lopes, Naofumi Hataya. 1. Tee Lopes, Naofumi Hataya - Metallic Madness Zone (Act 2) Lyrics.