Strength & Deep & Smooth -Uni-ball Extra Fine Diamond Infused Pencil … Uni Mechanical Pencil Lead Nano Dia Color 0.7mm, Red (U07202NDC.15), 20 Leads 3 Pack/Total 60 Leads (Japan Import) [Komainu-Dou Original Package] 4.5 out of 5 stars 259 $6.99 0.7mm Colorful Mechanical Pencil Lead Art Sketch Drawing Lead Writes In Black. Choose a high-polymer mechanical pencil lead, which is stronger than most conventional leads, or lead … $0.99 + $0.38 shipping … $1.32. Pentel C27BPHB3K6 Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refills, 0.7mm, HB, Black, 30/Tube, 3 Tubes/Pack; 1.2 2. Mechanical pencils have many different designs (as do multi-pens, which also accept lead), so it is always helpful to save instructions regarding reloading. But if you’ve lost them, the methods of reloading are fairly standard, whether your pencil requires a preloaded cassette or individual pieces of lead. Contents. Because mechanical pencils don't use lead that's fused into the body, it's important to select lead refills that are made to resist breakage. Mechanical pencil leads come in such a variety of widths that there is a size for every purpose, from fitting complex equations into tiny spaces to shading broad swaths of paper. 0.7mm Colorful Mechanical Pencil Lead Art Sketch Drawing Color Lead Writes. At the same time, the … Mechanical Pencil Lead Construction. Free shipping . 1.1 1. 1 10 Best Mechanical Pencil Leads:.