Double the batch for a bigger salad, or to keep in your fridge for the week. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! I honestly don’t know if this was just a Southern thing or not but I know many Southern folks grew up eating this mayonnaise based salad. It makes a large quanity, but almost never has much leftover. Which mayonnaise is best? […] can serve this as a meal in itself with a side salad or roasted beets. It's certainly one of my earliest memories and we still make it. The basic recipe is quite simple and you’ll find slight variations such as the addition of onion or a boiled egg. Ready in 5 minutes. Memories of warm summers, fresh greens, gardens and family. Yummy vegetable salad …healthy for Buddy…. I still make this salad and enjoy it so much. ★☆. This old fashioned recipe is many decades old and I recall my mother making it when I was growing up. This is my favourite green salad of all time…every time I eat it, I am whisked away back to my childhood. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. // Privacy Policy. But sometimes the most simple things are the best, and this dressing is proof of that! Next add the mayonnaise, beginning with a quarter cup, and lightly toss then add another quarter cup if needed so that the salad is lightly coated. | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Bamboo Salad Serving Bowl Set with Lid and Utensils - Cute Wooden Bowl with Cutting Board Cover and Servers for Salads, Pasta, Fruit, Side Dishes - Eco-friendly, BPA-Free - Great For Parties, Picnics, EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove - Best Kitchen Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese and Vegetables | Anti Microbial Heavy Duty Serving Tray w/Handles - 18 x 12. It is a crunchy, very tasty salad. They are the core building blocks of our Southerness. It's an old school one for sure and probably enjoyed by many. 1%, 2% or 3% works great. For us the best mayonnaise is Duke’s but that is what I grew up with. Oh my goosh, best salad ever. One of our favorite salads, it is always so good! This Simple Green Salad with Homemade Mayo Dressing is a delicious and easy addition to dinner! This particular mayonnaise salad also happens to be one of my husband’s favorites. I’ve mentioned before that I think using mayonnaise was so popular because that is what was available, there weren’t the many varieties of salad dressings that we have available today. Add the chopped lettuce, tomato and onion (if using) to a large mixing bowl. Chimichurri Flank Steak - A Pretty Life In The Suburbs, Parsnip Puree - A Pretty Life In The Suburbs, 11+ Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipe Ideas, 6 Delicious and Easy Brie Appetizer Ideas. My mom (now 70) grew up with my grandma making this salad and my mom made it my whole life too. He requested that I make one over the weekend and I thought I should share it with y’all too because I haven’t done that yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! The key to this dressing is a generous dollop of mayonnaise, which gives it body and creaminess. Thanks for sharing!! Cover and chill in the refrigerator for half an hour before serving. I love salads in the summer. When we bleed, we bleed the colors of our football team and an excess amount of sweet tea. I'm Julia, the cook and writer behind the recipes here at Julia's Simply Southern. Looks delish! Delicious. I just found your blog through the Wandering Wednesday blog hop! What there is left is fought over to take home! Keywords: green salad, mayonnaise salad dressing, Tag @aprettylife on Instagram and hashtag it #aprettylife. It will vary according to your own personal tastes and likely what you have available in your area. Our favourite is a simple salad of greens, green onions and chopped apples and tomatoes. My mom would make this dressing every summer…it’s THE BEST on fresh garden greens. I tried using another brand mayo and making this salad the day of serving, but did not taste as well. Photographing food is so difficult for me! Sometimes simple food like this is the best. I grew up in South Carolina and love to share my tasty southern cooking, easy to follow recipes, and life experiences with everyone. I never knew there was a salad dressing besides mayonnaise until I went to college. The whole family loves this salad both young, old and in between. It’s a favourite here too…so simple and delicious! My children actually eat this… miracle!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday,448 and hope you will come back soon! These look great! Can’t wait to try some. We can’t thank you enough for this recipe. SO simple. But unlike ranch dressing, which usually calls for buttermilk and a host of herbs and spices, I keep this dressing simple — just add a little Dijon mustard and a nice, tangy Champagne vinegar. :0. That looks delicious! FRESH lettuce makes the world of difference in a salad.. Great pictures. Sharing a simple home life through uncomplicated home tips, home decor and fresh and easy recipes. My Mom used to make a “sauce” or “dressing” like this for salad, cucumbers, carrot salad & pineapple salad but we used Miracle Whip!