Our professors and lecturers have strong expertise in the various areas of Environmental Sciences in which you can specialise during your Master in Environmental Sciences, from the molecular level to landscape and society. Students will soon have access to our new laboratory building, which will house a radioisotope laboratory, an environmental chamber, a laser laboratory with a flume for investigating fluvial processes, in addition to regular laboratories for chemical analysis (e.g. The interdisciplinary nature of environmental sciences opens a wide range of career tracks. Sie können entweder diese Nachricht schließen und damit auf dieser Seite bleiben oder sich die nächstübersetzte Elternseite anzeigen lassen. Environmental Sciences is an interdisciplinary field covering the many interactions between natural and human systems on multiple scales, from molecules to landscapes. Numerous internships, theses as well as job positions have resulted from the institute’s network with industries and institutions. The international "Master of Science program in Ecotoxicology" integrates concepts of Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Ecology an… Ecotoxicology is concerned with their potential impacts on the ecosystem. In addition to knowledge in the natural sciences, Master students in the Environmental Sciences program gain an indispensable and solid understanding of the social sciences (e.g. The academic background of our students is very diverse and these tutorials are designed to provide you with additional support to ensure a successful start into your studies. Humans interact in many ways with the environment, on the one hand they are beneficiaries of its services, on the other hand they greatly influence its state and functions. In the environmental chemistry laboratory courses, they will deepen their skills in environmental analysis, applying state-of-the-art instrumental analytical techniques. It has just the right size to enable close contact with the lecturers, while providing a broad curriculum with over 30 different modules across nine specialisations for you to choose from (please refer to our list of modules). A step-by-step list of the application and enrolment process can be found on the application website. Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in environmental sciences, or a program with a focus on natural sciences. Depending on your interests and preferences, your internship can have a research focus or an applied focus. For each of the two specialisations, a total of four modules need to be completed. In the different modules of this subject, students will acquire fundamental knowledge of these perspectives on the environment and become acquainted with analytical and empirical methods typical for the respective discipline. Our students come from all over the world and have all kinds of backgrounds. Once you have arrived, they will give you the information necessary for a smooth start in Landau and at the university during the Welcome Days program. economics, politics, management). Our Welcome Center assists with all administrative and organisational questions around studying at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The deadlines for application for the Master in Environmental Sciences are: Please note that you may need to apply earlier to receive your student visa in time. M.Sc. In the different modules of this subject, students will acquire fundamental knowledge of these different perspectives on the environment and become acquainted with analytical and empirical methods typical for the respective discipline. Measurements are performed at the site scale, underlying processes are understood at the micro scale and environmental problems are to be solved at the landscape scale. In practical courses, students will get familiar with physico-chemical measurement techniques and analyses as well as with the sampling and determination of relevant organism groups. Environmental Sciences (Master of Science), Information for applicants with non-German degrees, Research Initiative "Wissen schafft Zukunft", Academic continuing education & distance learning programs. de. For the organismic scale, it would be discussions on alpha, beta and gamma diversity and charismatic species. The six-week internship allows you to gain practice on the job, it familiarises you with the requirements of the job market, provides insights into career opportunities, and can establish valuable business contacts. The Master of Science in Environmental Sciences is a research-oriented programme. As a Master student in Environmental Sciences, you will acquire a solid understanding of the natural and social dimensions of environmental problems. We are looking for highly motivated students, who are interested in working on environmentally relevant problems, using an interdisciplinary approach. The program features five mandatory modules that provide a solid knowledge and wide background of the main disciplines and methods of environmental sciences (28 ECTS). The interpenetration of the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere leads to a sensitive but highly relevant new system from which mankind benefits in various ways. Throughout your studies in Landau, the Welcome Center is your point of contact and organiser of exciting events to help you feel at home. This elective subjects provides a comprehensive overview of chemical, physical, ecological, ecotoxicological, and socio-economical aspects of freshwater aquatic systems. Environmental Sciences. Proficiency of German is not a requirement for application. An elective module of your choice, an external internship and the Master thesis and associated colloquium complete the program. In the Soil Systems elective, students develop a substantial understanding on one of the most fascinating, but hidden systems in environment: the soil. Interactions within and outside of class will challenge your thinking and stimulate new ideas and interdisciplinary approaches to environmental issues. The Master in Environmental Sciences is located in Landau in Southern Palatinate, a region with a diverse geographical and natural environment. Environmental Sciences (Master of Science) To cover the need for environmental specialists, the program "Master of Science in Environmental Sciences" at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Landau Campus) provides a research-oriented, unique blend in the core disciplines of natural sciences (including environmental chemistry, landscape and applied ecology) complemented by selected aspects of social sciences such as environmental economics. In the experimental modules, students will learn analytical strategies to characterize soil and its contamination. Our main campus is located within the wooded bastions of Landau's once impressive 17th century fort. For your two specialisations, you can choose from over 30 different modules.