But you can't just fire out emails and hope for the best. 44% of marketers know what a 10% increase in their budget could offer their company. Looking to the leaders in the industry of lead generation, 45% of these individuals measure just a single attribute of their campaign. That's where our email marketing report comes in. Bring all your marketing data into one automated report. Whether you're using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, all of your display ad channels should be in this report. These meaningful metrics can be divided into the three below categories. Revenue Metrics These metrics are primarily based on determining the aggregate impact on company revenue. However, these still lack a direct connection to the bottom line profits and revenues. You've got to track how the campaigns are performing and how changes in content ultimately affect your bottom line. All of them make reporting on marketing campaigns quicker and easier: DashThis fetches the data automatically so you don't have to manually enter data into Word or Excel to generate reports for your clients. As a marketer, you want easy access to data on your key metrics. Weekly reports form the basis for analyzing long-term trends. Here are some ways to save you time and minimize metrics going wrong. 3. Our ecommerce marketing report includes all the main KPIs you'll want to track to ensure you're getting the best possible results from your ecommerce marketing efforts. Usually, we recommend creating monthly reports. Here are 7 of our most popular marketing report templates: This is a great all-around template that will give you an overview of all your marketing efforts. What impact would a 10% change in budget do for you and how will it impact your profits and margins in the preceding years? SEO is a key part of any long term digital marketing strategy. This looks at doing the right things compared to doing the wrong things well. Accountability This is the last stage where the marketer is able to realize the connection between marketing to the revenue pipeline. Importantly, it lets you quickly and easily stay on top of your marketing performance across all your marketing channels and tells you where your digital marketing efforts are a success and where they might need to be optimized. You know that marketing reporting is an essential part of your marketing efforts: it tells you whether your marketing campaigns are performing well or whether your marketing strategy has to be refined. To help determine business performance, look at lead generation versus your target and cycle time. The most popular social networks you're probably using for campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn and you'll want to include all the ones you're currently using in your report. Fundamentally, you want to track how many people opened your email and converted as a result. Once you're happy with the report, it can be automatically delivered to whoever needs to see it. ", List of Social Media Success Stories and Examples, How Does Discord Make Money: Explanation of Business Model, Is Mercari Legit and Safe: 15 Tips for Buyers and Sellers, NEO PI-R Explained: Neuroticism vs Extraversion vs Openness vs Agreeableness vs Conscientiousness, 100 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations to Fill You with Joy, Keirsey Temperaments Explained: Artisan vs Guardian vs Idealist vs Rational, 101 Positive Affirmations for Work and Career Success, DiSC Personality Types Explained: D-Style vs I-Style vs S-Style vs C-Style, 100 Confidence Affirmations to Boost Self-esteem, Japanese Blood Type Personality Guide: A vs B vs AB vs O, 101 Motivation Affirmations to Keep You Focused. Examples of vanity metrics are Facebook likes, retweets, and press release impressions. You probably already use Google Analytics dashboards, however, this report will help keep you and your clients in the loop as to how your SEO efforts are performing. Marketing Program Performance Metrics The metrics look at the incremental contribution of individual marketing programs you have in place. Self-Promotion To appear accountable, the marketing puts together easily measured metrics such as website page views, press release downloads, and search engine rankings. Giving your clients a clear and concise marketing report is essential: it keeps them informed about the marketing efforts being undertaken and, importantly, tells them whether they're getting a good return on investment on their marketing spend. You can diagnose investments, pipeline contribution, and the program return of investment. 5. Looking at Action, Not Results The results of your marketing efforts reflect the costs incurred making this investment easy to measure. It's also a good strategy for driving conversions - but only if results are monitored and optimized. 2. This creates fear with the marketer with discovering the true bottom line to their efforts. DashThis is a brand owned by Moment Zero inc. 1 out of every 5 marketers do not measure their marketing results at all while 87% of senior marketers who do not feel confident in their ability to make an impact in sale forecasting the results of their decisions. They're preloaded with the most relevant KPIs but they're also fully customizable so you can change them according to your or your client's requirements. Denial In this first stage, the marketer may deny the need for being held accountable for their results, making them isolated and disconnected from other departments. When following this checklist to develop your marketing measurement plan, keep in mind that it acts as a base guideline. By following this simple four step checklist, you will be able to immediately discover any achievements or failures within your current process. 1. Focusing on Quantity, Not Quality Less than half of all marketers focus on measuring lead quality and instead look at lead quantity. There are five stages marketers go through when looking at holding themselves accountable for their efforts. Here are some tips for creating a good marketing report: Our templates are designed to save you time when it comes to marketing reporting. While creating daily or weekly marketing reports can be useful for you, the marketer, your clients may just get overwhelmed by the sheer number of reports and start ignoring them - not what you want. Key KPIs that should be in your report are: As with PPC marketing, the data in the report should be organized by channel. Some marketers prefer to focus on tasks that are easier to quantify. To gauge your own level of insight, ask yourself these five questions. What questions do you still need to answer with regards to your knowledge and return on marketing investments? This is due to the difficulty with determining which metrics are the most meaningful.