As a result, Mardu decks can be tricky to get rolling in a big game but once they have a board presence, look out. I guess this is an EDH question in general, but I thought here might give the best explanation, especially with the high power level of single creatures that Mimic Vat likes. Core Set 2020 contains a lot of cards that enable all kinds of sweet Standard-legal combos. MurderForBrunch. Updated Sep 30, 2020 by RawMenNudel using our MTG Deck Builder. Mardu needs some more unique commanders, but Marchesa will do for now! A powerful combo when it comes to creatures and removal, yet lacking in the two most important categories of ramp and card draw. Anecdote: This Commander deck is something I am also trying to build in Paper. Commander / EDH* Combo Infinite Combo Prison RBW (Mardu) Stax. Upvote 0. Look no further than Mathas, Fiend Seeker and Queen Marchesa! Edit Live Edit. Mardu isnt actually a terrible option. The challenge I had while building this deck was choosing the hate pieces I wanted to include while still make a good win con viable through those hate pieces, in that, most of those are symmetrical. EDH Tool Chest: Mardu Political Burn. Black gets you the best tutors, and the razaketh combo. But it is definitely a disadvantage to not have blue counter magic, and green dorks which are great for ramping and comboing with razaketh. Competitive edh with 4 players is primarily combo based. Some are close to competitive. Ever played some value cards only to be hated off of the battlefield? This is my person EDH deck list. Have you ever had issues with threat assessment in your playgroup? But all of them are fun to consider and legal in Core Set 2020 Standard. This article collects eight such combos that either go infinite or win the game right away. Edit. Mimic Vat is an interesting card, and I'll admit that it is mostly important in decks with many creatures, but its still really good even if you just use it to steal opponents creatures. Mardu is the (now) home of Vampires, Goblins, other tokens, and anything Kaalia gets to play for free. To combo with these, use Mirri's Guile or Sensei's Divining Top/Crystal Ball and stuff like that, as well as Reclaim, and Worldly Tutor. Most of them are questionable. Deckcycle ... and then win through an infinite combo. I … EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander Have you ever tried to play politically only to wind up helping everyone but yourself?