And then you realize.That whole path to Blighttown?Yup, just the halfway point on the descent into the darkness. But before you go up these stairs, have a look to the left of the stairs to find a Large Soul of a Brave Warrior. This area is normally first found after defeating the Centipede Demon in the Demon Ruins but can also be accessed early through a shortcut before the Demon Firesage fog gate, but only if you are a level 2 Chaos Servant (which costs 30 Humanity). Down The Rabbit Hole - On approaching the cavernous passage you'll notice a corpse  with an item inside. By the way, I was playing the Nintendo Switch version. 29. That’s 29 spots in the lava field where you can enjoy being crushed face first into lava by something that shouldn’t really be alive in the first place. first time player need help on populating the sorcery slot. The path to the left leads to the boss, so we'll leave that for last. Doing so requires a Pyromancy Flame and the Poison Mist pyromancy, which can be found on a corpse in the Blighttown swamp. Relevance. You'll encounter around ten of them in a passage that goes under a bridge and towards a staircase. I gave quelaags sister 30 humanity, and opened the shortcut in lost izalith. Things that I might have done are that I bypassed the gaping dragon by going through valley of the drakes and never saw him in blight town and I summoned him for ornstien and smough but he died in the fight. The area is not very large and may still have a couple of Stone Demons in it but there's also a couple of items: a Soul of a Hero around the block - grab this first -, and a Rare Ring of Sacrifice on the lower ledge on the left. Wet Feet - Be warned that the pit is covered in Blighttown-esque swamp water which slows movement and poisons you, so poison cures and the Rusted Iron Ring are advised to help getting around down here. In here lies a second bonfire. Yes,it must be the elevator.I have to check better because i took it down and fell the wrong way(fell back to Firesage demon's room),but it must be it. User Info: Zegima. The shortcut is the broken wall just before the fire sage boss, with a tree root sticking out. Perks - For this door to open, you need to be a level 2 Chaos Servant, which would cost you 30 humanity. Do You Know De Wei - Take the middle path this time to find more Stone Demons down here with a cavernous passage to your left and a staircase to the right. Joakim. I spent 30 Humanity getting to rank 2 of the Chaos Servants in order to unlock the Lost Izalith shortcut, but it hasn't opened! When you get back to the top, take a right and follow the root path up to a junction with a choice of routes to take - one to the right with stairs, a doorway in the middle, and another one to the far left with root paths leading down. That whole concept of a gradually deeper and darker path, with thematically similar enemies, as you progress was almost entirely lost in the second game--where most of the areas felt like disconnected/thematically discrete regions. The path to the right leads to the boss, so we'll leave that for last. 12 comments. If you killed the Sunlight Maggot before reaching this point, he will live, and become summonable just before the Gwyn fight. Even with the relatively safe path, making it through most of the field via the roots that cross it, you will need this ring equipped at certain points to survive a brief walk through the lava. It works best if you move yourself as close to the door as possible. This is the last of his invasions, and given that you beat the him in the Depths and Demon Ruins already, you'll find his armor set near the Chaos Servant covenant bonfire after your encounter. Nothing left to do now but go through the fog gate, and slide into... Boss Fight: The Bed of Chaos Once you kill the Bed of Chaos you'll find yourself stuck in the small area that housed it's heart, with only a bonfire for company. Lost Izalith shortcut still won't open. share. But beware that as you enter, the floor will collapse and fall away. Titanite Farm - On the bridge there is a Titanite Demon - this particular one drops two Demon Titanite and also respawns - and a Crystal Lizard. I'm still rather new to this game, but does anyone know how to open it? I still think part of the game was bugged, but absolving fixed it. Take these out at range where possible, as their acid attack will corrode your equipment almost immediately, and their grab attack can decimate your health, if not kill you straight away.