Both the exterior and the interior construction feature a durable, embossed aluminum material. Just remember, the top load is easy to load all 5 cooking grids at once. If you want to know more about this, keep on reading my article. The brand which stays behind both Big Chief and Little Chief is the Smokehouse Products and they are producing all kinds of smokers, their parts, and accessories. Another thing which makes the Little Chief Smoker so interesting. You can smoke food on about 165°F so that is more than enough for the low smoking process. For example, you can buy Big Chief heaters if you got the feeling that your old ones don’t work like they used to. This is why you may come across tittles like Luhr Jensen Big Chief smoker or Luhr Jensen Little Chief smoker. It has a 450-watt heating element which produces 165°F temperature. Today Smokehouse offers gas, electric and cold smokers. TABLE OF CONTENT: I know that this may seem complicated and confusing and to avoid any misunderstanding I made a table of content of all models and their versions you can see below, right before the main review: Even though it is not their first model, I decided to start with the Big Chief electric smoker. If you need more articles before you decide which electric smoker to purchase, look at some of my top choices for last year in my post called the best electric smoker. The technical characteristics of both Little Chief smoker versions are the same and there are no surprises there. There are 3 basic models of Big Chief and Little Chief smokers so I will make a review of each product. To learn more about this site visit about us. I am not sure if I have seen smaller electric smokers than this one which makes it very interesting for individuals and if you are looking for something easy to use and very portable then you have to consider this Mini Chef electric smoker. Big Chief electric smoker instruction manual, as well as Little Chief smoker manual, can both be consulted online. But, it provides a massive advantage in the form of lightweight. I would recommend this smoker for people who are more interested in smoking fish, jerky, bacon or ribs because it is a slow smoking smoker, but if you don’t mind finishing the large meat in the oven, then this smoker would be a good choice for you too. Oftentimes you will see that electric smokers are made out of stainless steel, however, that doesn’t equal high-quality. Of course, the Big Chief electric smoker is the best pick for those looking to smoke for bigger groups. It is reliable, it is easy to use and it provides a good smoked meal. Some of the products have different versions of basic models and I won’t make a big review because they are the same in technical characteristics as the main model, but they have one or two things different and I want to focus on differences. If you are a fan of old school smokers who don’t need any digital control or other gadgets to make a great smoked meal. Those people will be satisfied with Big Chief smokers and its smaller version, the Little Chie smoker. That is what I like about this smoker. If you have found yourself in all that, then those smokers are the ones for you. In the beginning stages of the company, Smokehouse made the first, Little Chief electric smoker that was made for fishermen to smoke what they caught. The 250-watt heating element can produce 165°F temperature which is the same as the Big Chief smoker. The difference is that Little Chief smoker is essentially smaller in dimensions and cooking space. This smoker has the same characteristics as the smoker above. Don’t get confused if you see Smokehouse smokers under the name of Luhr Jensen. It uses also a heating element of 450 Watts. In Mini Chief, you can fit 2 cooking grids which are enough for 15 pounds of food. Mini Chief smoker, however, is the most adequate one for anybody looking for a rather cheap and portable electric smoker. In the 1980s the Little Chief got its big brother we all know as the Big Chief and that year was the most important for Smokehouse products because they started to sell sausage mixers, shaker seasonings, and other accessories to help their customers improve the taste of the smoked food. It doesn’t have any additional wifi, Bluetooth or digital controls which means it is very easy to use and easy to smoke. Under each review, I will also link you to where you can purchase them online and by the end of the post I also linked some similar articles if you need more models. Big Chief smoker can be found under 150 dollars. Big Chief front load smoker another version of Big Chief electric smoker. Now, it is not made for inside, you have to use it outside and that makes it great for camping. There are many additional parts you can buy for both, Little and Big Chief which is another perk for Smokehouse products. Home Blog About Contact Privacy Policy Disclaimer Site Resources, Little Chief Electric Smoker With Front Load, Accessory And Replacement Parts For Big Chief & Little Chief Electric Smoker. The big Chief smoker hasn’t changed a lot since its first introduction on the market. Big Chief Electric Smokers come in two models, front loading and top loading. You load it by removing the front or top depending on the model. If you need any information about electric smokers, parts, accessories, how-to articles, or guides about electric smokers, you are in the right place. Through my Little Chief electric smoker review and Big Chief smoker review, you will see what qualities a good electric smoker needs to have. So, below my main review, you will find short reviews of each version with its differences. 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