This allows for … You can also use optical character recognition to translate your handwritten notes into straight text. An e-reader this is not. The small size is great for travelling. International price and availability isn't available yet, but that works out to £770 or AU$1,400. Lenovo added a clever knock-knock feature: rap twice on the lid when it’s closed, and it will pop open. Lenovo says software behind the keyboard app will adjust to your haphazard typing on the totally flat keys. … Using an E Ink keyboard and touchpad full time is never going to be as good as the real thing. Sort of! The E Ink second screen bizarrely can't read Kindle e-books. But as a whole, the E Ink keyboard and touchpad just won't work for most typists, and the lack of Kindle format support undercuts what should be the system's biggest selling point. As it is, you can also use the E Ink screen and included stylus for drawing, sketching or note-taking. It was also held back by a sluggish Intel Atom processor. newsletter, IFA 2018: all the biggest news from Europe’s grand tech showcase, Nubia’s wearable smartphone is a preview of our flexible OLED future, Garmin’s new fitness tracker monitors your blood oxygen levels, Processor: 7th-Gen Intel m3-7Y30 or 7th-Gen Intel i5-7Y54, Dimensions: 10.25 x 7.06 x 0.38 inches (260.4 x 179.44 x 9.9 mm), Displays: 10.8-inch (2560 x 1600) LCD IPS touchscreen and 10.8-inch (1920 x 1080) E Ink, Other features: Wacom Active Pen with 4096 pressure levels, two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, fingerprint sensor. Flip the screen around to "tablet" mode, and one can use only the E Ink display, which any Kindle owner will tell you is a real battery saver. The Yoga Book doesn't come in Android or Chrome OS flavors like its predecessor does, though I wouldn't be surprised if Lenovo eventually offers … There's also a Windows Hello fingerprint reader right above the keyboard. Compared to other laptops with Core i3, Celeron or Snapdragon processors, it presented well, but also costs more than those. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I have not received any e ink update on my YB. The big improvements are the improved processor, a couple of USB-C ports, a fingerprint sensor, and, of course, that E Ink display. E Ink technology replaces Lenovo's "halo" tech on the original Yoga Book, and even before I tried out the new device, I thought this was a good decision. The Yoga Book C930 ($800 at Walmart) from Lenovo is certainly different. Doodles and drawings can be copied and pasted directly into any Windows app. I found the stylus response on the bottom screen surprisingly good, especially considering how pokey E Ink usually feels. The $999.99 dual-screen device will ship in October. Is it necessary? Biggest Black Friday deals right now: $170 AirPods Pro at Amazon, $159 Chromebook, $100 Fitbit Charge 4 and more, Black Friday 2020 TV deals: 55-, 60-, 65-inch TVs from Samsung, Sony, Insignia, LG at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon, Walmart's Black Friday sale is live: $50 Google Nest Hub, $49 Instant Pot, top video games as low as $15, An E Ink keyboard makes this the most unusual laptop of the year. Essentially, Lenovo decided to focus on making the Yoga … Besides its E Ink screen and keyboard, the Yoga Book C930 adds a few other interesting twists. The keyboard choices are a standard design with a full-time touchpad zone, and a version with larger keys plus a touchpad that only pops up when summoned. There, a monochrome on-screen keyboard appears on demand, complete with a touchpad. But for all those neat tricks, there are potential downsides. There are a lot of perfectly fine, highly portable, premium laptops to choose from, but let's face it: at the end of the day, they're more alike than different. Looking for a great show to binge? Here are some of the best Hulu has to offer. Because this new version swaps the bottom LCD for E Ink, it gets some of the battery and readability benefits of E Ink. But, you also have to keep an eye on the keyboard while you type. It’s hard to explain just what the Yoga Book C930 is. The E Ink second screen bizarrely can't read Kindle e-books. The touchpad is tougher to use. The Good The revamped Yoga Book improves on the original version, with a better typing experience and more powerful hardware. The keyboard is expanded out to fill the entire 10.8-inch E Ink screen with a little oval at the bottom. But it’s a full computer, too: it’s a Windows 10 device with 7th-Gen Intel processors that should be able to keep up with light computing needs. Benchmark testing showed that performance wasn't a standout, but still generally fine for everyday tasks. If you use the pen, you can do some other neat tricks with the E Ink screen. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. YogaBook2 Eink Application for Windows 10 (Version 1803) - Yoga Book C930 Eink Application for Windows 10 Version 1803 or later) - Yoga Book C930 - Lenovo Support US Lenovo Inc. With the 2019 revision, I've finally run out things to complain... Don't know what to watch tonight? The small size is great for travelling. It helps that the keys are generally in the right place with good spacing. Actual typing, including most of this review, was surprisingly better than I expected. But it's hard not to like a laptop that so gleefully takes industry conventions and tosses them right out the window. The new.39-inch Yoga Book C930, with a second e-ink display, is so outrageously neat that you could find yourself rooting for it despite its higher $1,000 price tag. Windows 10 ($158 at Amazon) is still much easier to use with a keyboard and touchpad than with touchscreen controls, so not having a great keyboard/touchpad experience is a mark against this otherwise  very clever PC. But if you can get beyond that, you’ll find Lenovo has done some interesting work. I followed the suggestions to look under settings in the e ink screen but any reference to OneNote sync or login did not appear. The Dell XPS 13, Acer Swift 7 ($1,499 at Amazon), HP Spectre or MacBook Air ($900 at Best Buy) all have a clamshell hinge the connects a color LCD display to a physical keyboard and touchpad.