As a C940 user I really love this laptop a lot but if the C950 would get these changes and more, I wouldn't ever be bothered to look at another 2 in 1 or other brand of laptop in general ever again. Yes please, as long as there's no loss of display quality - the FHD and UHD on the C940 are super nice, and I'd rather they just stick a bigger battery in there, maybe 70-80Wh. All of the above-mentioned laptops come with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity options. Look at how the HP Spectre includes the IR camera and has even a slimmer bezel. Small rubber stoppers on the top/bottom portion of the keyboard. The Lenovo Yoga C940 14-inch is powered by 10th-Gen Intel Core i7 processors with Intel UHD 960 graphics, whereas the 15-inch model offers up to 9th-Gen Core i9 processors with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics processor. And no, IR does not clutter at all the top 100%. At least me personally I barely ever touch the upper corners of the touchpad but I can get your concern. C940 almost always gets left out from "Top 10 laptops or 2019/2020" a lot of times and I'm sure if it got Ryzen 4800u it would make headlines everywhere, just like the budget Lenovo laptop recently released with Ryzen included. I'd go for a 16:10 or 3:2, as long as it's still 14" (so horizontally a bit smaller but taller) to keep the form factor down a bit. Digit caters to the largest community of tech buyers, users and enthusiasts in India. My only worry would be it wouldn't support eGPUs, which for me personally is a possible selling point for the C940, so not sure what to think there. I'd go for a FHD/QHD/UHD setup (1080p, 1440p, 2160p) so you have a range of choices including a good middle ground. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Agree on the resolution/600 nits/glare, def. The Yoga C740 has two different screen size variants as well, a 14-inch model and a 15-inch model. And oh God no please, anything but the Surface Laptop Alcantara. The company launched four new laptops, namely, the. Hey, looking at joining the C940 club, but a bit iffy about note-taking... Would you recommend purchasing a C940 for primarily note-taking alongside programming and low-level AutoCAD work (civil engineering degree),? The Lenovo Yoga C640 features a 13-inch full-HD touchscreen display with a choice of 300-nit or 400-nit panels. As stated by various C940 reviewers, a modern flagship without it at this point is just behind the competition. The Lenovo ThinkPad P15 and P17 take the place of the P53 and P73. Lenovo has announced a wide range of products at IFA 2019. Agree with most things said here. Higher brightness for the FHD model since it only reaches at a mere 400 nits at max brightness when even I with my 500 nit UHD C940 I find myself trying to increase brightness in the sunlight. Build an application that analyses credit risk with #IBMCloud Pak for Data on #RedHat #OpenShift, Lenovo has announced a wide range of products at IFA 2019. Razerblade Stealth 13 with it's 1650 goes for about 3lb too so not sure how they made it there without extra weight lol, I personally don't like the dongle life and would prefer I wouldn't be stuck if I ever have to give a presentation and I didn't have mine on the go, so it being there if it offers no other compromises would be pretty good to have tbh. The Lenovo Yoga C940 is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop with ‘garaged pen,’ which means the stylus resides inside the laptop. See above. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 is Lenovo's flagship server, suitable for mission-critical applications that need the most processing power possible in a single server. The most interesting new devices for me are the new Yoga S740 and Yoga C940, as direct competitors for the popular Dell XPS 15 and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme performance ultraportables, but with their own perks and particularities. Thanks for the detailed personal feedback and here's to hoping Lenovo devs listen to make it the perfect 2 in 1 , I disagree with your ideal position of a fingerprint scanner because I feel like it would be annoying to feel it whilst using the touchpad. With the Lenovo Yoga C740, the company is touting up to 13.7 hours of battery life for the 14-inch model, and up to 15 hours of battery life for the 15-inch variant. This to me is also a must as the HP Spectre x360 line already introduced 1 watt display technology for their FHD model and now the newest 15 inch Spectre x360 will come with a 2 watt 4K panel option. Agree completely on the aspect ratio thing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes when picking up the C940 it's long rubber stopper does not protect the corners from being scratched or scratching the surface. These changes above for me are the most important out of all of the list, since I as a C940 user would be pretty motivated into buying a C950 just because of those above changes if they are implemented. If you do fear other possible issues tho I'd suggest making a post on here asking about it tho, since there you'll probably get better feedback from people, dude, very impressive thorough list but how did you forget 5g? Not sure what approaches they can do here apart from vent redesign but a fix is much needed. These … After comparing the different features of the competition (HP Spectre x360 late 2019, Dell XPS 13 2 in 1, LG Gram 14' 2020, Acer Spin 5 2 in 1, Surface Book 2, etc) this is my definitive feature list to be able to outclass them all with ease: Optimization with fans so they do not turn on all the time/sound like a jet engine when turned on. Agree on the pen/USB-C thing tbh. Rubber stoppers near the 4 corners below the laptop. They are also not easy to clean at all so I would suggest a different softer material that is not as stainable as the Alcantara is. On the shutter thing, that's honestly made for people who desire to have the front facing camera closed at all time. Prev. Less sharp edges like the Dell XPS line. I am against adding dedicated GPU in as much as I will not buy such a laptop if they add it. I love the long stopper as it feels it will never fall off but if it gets that better placement it would be great. If really you're absolute main concern is drawing, I might recommend the Surface Pro 7 (I have the Pro 5 for reference) since it is overall better suited for comfortable periods of extended drawing. It hasn't been released or remotely announced yet so it must be still in early development, hence why I made this post for the features it should have. Ehhh I'd be down for this as an option as long as there's a UHD IPS panel - OLED still has issues with burn-in and battery life with bright white backgrounds, so unless the OLED is also a 1W or 2W peak panel (most equivalent OLEDs consume 2x more power than an IPS with a white/bright image - so most of the internet) then I'd probably pass. The modular design of SR950 speeds upgrades and servicing with easy front or rear access to all major … The first three laptops are available in both 14-inch and 15-inch variants, whereas the Yoga C640 has been launched in a single 13-inch model. OLED burn in I'm not sure if the Spectre's suffer from it tho, but I have heard their line of OLED's have had weird glitches sometime (grainy lines in between) so hopefully Lenovo gets a good panel for it. Bigger battery tho would mean more weight, and at 3lb for a 2 in 1 it already has considerable weight. Low watt display technology for stellar battery life. changer move....I guess we are just not there yet.. the future awaits. Lenovo is offering the Yoga C940 laptops with up to 1TB PCIe SSDs or Intel Teton Glacier SSD 32GB + 1TB storage options. I'd rather they swap over to the Ryzen 4xxx or 5xxx APUs which are better graphically than the current Intel equivalent, and would give you better performance per watt without requiring vastly modified cooling - keep in mind adding a GPU would probably double the weight of the cooling solution. Both the displays offer the same resolution with HDR support. On September 5th 2019, Lenovo has just announced a host of updates to their ThinkBook and Yoga laptops, Smart-home devices, and monitor product lines. Look at how the HP Spectre does it- a button to turn off the camera on the side for those who need it with fingerprint still accessible, and also feature of IR for those who wish to constantly unlock it. Would cool if Lenovo were the first to innovate on this as you aren't the first I see wanting an all clickable trackpad on a Windows laptop. Also a matte touch display would be good like the one the X1 carbon (not sure how pen input would be on this). It's the Yoga 5G they announced back in January and they haven't said anything else on the topic (interested in it because it's basically a C740 but with better specs and a Windows Hello IR sensor, my dream) so really hoping the C950 picks up on the same trend.