So don’t just take my word for it, click here to get a FREE sample (+s&h). Legacy Premium Food Storage Package (240 Servings) (meals). The 720-serving emergency food storage kit from Legacy Premium provides three hearty meals per day for eight months for one person. They have the lowest cost per pound, their foods last 25 years, and their average calories per serving are high. So if you know other families who want to buy long term food storage you can group together and save some money. They say they will match any online competitor’s prices on any product that they offer as a result providing comfort to the consumer that he is getting a good deal. Legacy Premium Food Storage. My Valley Food Storage Review Wrap Up. Nutrition Facts. Check price at Amazon. With enough servings to provide one person with three servings per day for almost three months, rest assured knowing that if an emergency happens you will have plenty of gourmet food on hand. There’s nothing to put your mind at ease as taste testing Valley Food Storage yourself. Legacy sent us this massive bucket of survival food to try out and do a review for them on. I have a healthy amount of skepticism too, that’s helped me avoid numerous silly mistakes in the past. Legacy Food Storage offers discount pricing for groups. Legacy Premium Food Storage contains 29 pounds of disaster-ready food in individually wrapped packages stored inside a thick plastic tub. The meal variety is not as good as some of the other long term food storage options, though the 25 year shelf life is pretty solid. Maybe you’re still on the fence. Food storage is a concept which has been around for decades in some circles, but it has gained prominence in people’s thinking as many natural disasters continue to strike around the world. People may find that … The fact is that, being homebound, sometimes those who go shopping for me run into difficulties with weather or sick kids or whatever, and having freeze dried food on hand (that is SUPER easy to make) comes in really handy. Legacy Premium Food Storage Package (720 Servings) (meals). 9. Prepare For The Unknown With Legacy Premium Food Storage! Emergency Preparedness With Legacy Food Storage . Posted on October 1, 2016 by legacyfoodstorage69. Unfortunately there simply aren’t that many reviews of the Legacy Food Storage company and their products at this time, making it difficult for prospective customers to know whether this is a company they would like to work with. Learn more about Legacy Food Storage. Legacy Food Storage. I respect that 100%. Full disclosure: ... A few things to note about Legacy Premium’s foods because I just want to get the facts out of the way: Yes, they’re made in the USA. As for food storage foods, I eat the food as well as store it. Legacy Food Storage boasts some pretty impressive reasons to choose them over other brands of emergency food. Stored in six stackable buckets, this package fits comfortably into most closets and is a wonderful addition anyone's existing food supply. Read our in depth review of Augason Farms. Lowest price guaranteed.