Once your jelly is set, use a large spoon to layer the custard over the jelly. Also while pouring the top jelly layer, pour it carefully and slowly with a spoon or it might get mixed with the custard. Do not keep the custard at room temperature for long as it would form a layer on the top. Gently place spoonfuls of whipped cream over the custard. https://www.foodandhome.co.za/recipes/layered-grape-jelly-with-vanilla-custard Then using a fork, very lightly spread the cream to cover the custard and make the third and final layer. Smooth off with the back of the spoon once all the custard had been added. Pour the custard with the spoon to avoid making the dessert bowl dirty. Easily make Layered Jelly Dessert with this easy step by step recipe video | Condensed Milk and Biscuit Dessert Recipe This layered dessert with 3 different layers is a crowd-pleaser, it is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious, made with condensed milk, biscuits and jelly Leave a Comment and give your Feedback and https://stepintothekitchen.com/multi-layered-custard-pudding-recipe