For this reason, cichlid species vary hugely in size, colour and appearance, making them a popular aquarium fish. Best in the biotope aquarium. And it isn’t just the sheer volume of species which impresses: the lake is viewed as a goldmine for biodiversity by scientists, with most of its fish found nowhere else on the planet. "headline": "Lake Malawi Cichlids - One of the Most Famous Fish Species for Aquariums", Lake Malawi has another interesting characteristic – different layers of water don’t mix, and this feature is known as being meromictic. It is usually recommended to have a strictly themed aquarium if you are planning to keep cichlid. Still, for those who have experience in fish keeping, a cichlid fish tank can be a crown of their hobby. "datePublished": "2018-08-11M+213:06", Known locally as ‘mbuna’, or ‘rockfish’, there are reputed to be over 295 types of haplochromines in the lake, and they’re by far the easiest to spot – sticking to the shallows, their brightly-coloured scales set against the clear waters and the sandy lakebed. Namely, these Lake Malawi beauties are one the most colorful fish species. It has more fish species than any other lake in the world. "description": "Lake Malawi cichlids themed aquariums are one of the most beautiful out there. Page Transparency See More. However, mbuna is a common name for a whole lot of varieties, and the name itself simply means “rockfish”. This has led to a dramatic rise in overfishing, something which is not only damaging the fragile ecosystems within the lake, but also leading to a drop in the size and diversity of its rare species. Pet Service . There are some rules to follow in order to keep your Lake Malawi fish tank setup. The rate at which cichlids evolve and generate new species is certainly dizzying, and rarely found in any other species group on Earth. Found in southeast Africa, Lake Malawi lies between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, with much of it sitting within the beautiful hinterlands of Malawi. "" { Lake Malawi was formed millions of years ago, when the Earth’s crust tore apart, creating the spectacular Rift Valley. Over the past two decades, the human population has doubled on the banks of Lake Malawi. Sadly, despite the rapidity at which cichlids evolve and the region’s status as a protected heritage site, Lake Malawi is suffering. Lake Malawi is one of the three rift lakes of Eastern Africa, along with Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria, and stretches 360 miles from north to south. "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", So, let us dive into the world of these beautiful creatures. It is the third largest lake in Africa, and also second by depth. Scientifically accurate information and photos of the famous species flocks of cichlid (and all other) fishes in Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa, Africa Roll mouse over random fish heads (above) to identify species Thank you for visit since 7 May 1997. "@type": "Person", When it comes to Lake Malawi cichlids themed aquarium setup, size does matter. Of Lake Malawi’s many freshwater species, easily the most beloved is its collection of over 600 species of Cichlid. "@id": "" "mainEntityOfPage": { Yet, it is never an easy task to keep a cichlid-themed aquarium. "logo": { The Extraordinary Fish of Lake Malawi: Africa’s Freshwater Phenomenon. Donda. Experience Lake Malawi at Blue Planet Aquarium. Utaka cichlids are plain and grey until they reach adulthood. Importer, Exporter & Breeder of Wild Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids. As already mentioned, cichlids are generally not the best fish for beginners in aquarium fish keeping. This is mostly because they are quite aggressive and prefer highly alkaline water. Lake Malawi Fish Farm is a business dedicated to the importing of Wild Cichlids from both Lake Malaw... See More. "name": "Sonja", So yes, it’s big alright. It is the ninth largest lake in the world. Popular Lake Malawi Cichlids for aquarium keeping, 3d aquarium rock-like background installed, Sets of logs, leaves, roots and bottom rocks, Protective rubber mats for Cichlid aquariums, Internal filters for aquariums – AquaFil-BIO. "@context": "", }, Also, keep a few females per every male. Among 200 rivers, which flow into the lake, the river Ruhuhu is the biggest one. }, At Blue Planet Aquarium, we’ve long recognised the beauty and diversity of Lake Malawi, prompting us to create a special exhibit to showcase the lake’s spectacular and rare species. The lake, the fourth largest freshwater body in the world, hosts over 1,000 species of fish, with new discoveries happening seemingly every other week. Mbuna are definitely a good solution for beginners. Subspecies representatives mingle and breed with other cichlid varieties. However, this family of cichlids differs from mbuna in one important aspect.