P3 has now completed a full year of flight tests covering a wide range of adaptations and improvements all focused on delivering performance and enhancing safety. The use of composite fabrication reduces the need for “ribs” and “supports”, yielding a higher internal volume capacity. Kopter, December 11, 2019 - Kopter continues to expand the performance and flight envelope of the SH09 Prototype 3 (P3), while simultaneously increasing flight test activities in the flight test center located at Pozzallo, Sicily. Le Kopter SH09 vole avec son nouveau rotor principal. The Kopter SH09 (formerly the Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09) is the Leonardo Helicopter Division brand new five to eight seat, single-engine multirole helicopter which is currently under development at Kopter’s facilities. Szwajcarska firma swój projekt nowego śmigłowca ujawniła w 2011 roku. Kopter SH09 (Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09) – szwajcarski śmigłowiec ogólnego przeznaczenia zaprojektowany i zbudowany w firmie Marenco Swisshelicopter. To design, create and offer this crucial medical interior, Kopter has collaborated with Metro Aviation located in Shreveport, Louisiana to fit the SH09 with a comprehensive and effective EMS interior. Au moment de rejoindre Kopter, en 2019, Marco Viola était en charge de la production des pales et des têtes de rotors composites à l’usine d’Anagni. It may be suitably The SH09 design now embeds all enhancements identified during the intensive flight test campaign undergone by the third prototype (P3) first in Mollis, Switzerland and then in Pozzallo, Italy. The Honeywell HTS900 engine incorporates next generation technology, including a dual centrifugal compressor and integral sprang clutch, combining increased power output for hot and high performance with fuel consumption efficiency for long-range flights. The low speed internal design and the 4 attachment point dampers ensure low vibration levels and Time Between Overhaul in excess of 5000 hours. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you agree with the "Kopter Privacy Policy". The final lines and features of the SH09 will be revealed at Heli-Expo through a series of 3D animations. Composite airframe is lighter and more robust compared to traditional metallic cells, capable of matching the most stringent crash resistance requirements for occupants’ protection and fuel containment. We are offering unique job opportunities in a highly dynamic environment with room to grow in all dimensions. JetPhotos.com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online! Flight test activities have fully resumed at Mollis, Switzerland, having reassembled the third SH09 prototype (P3) after its return from Pozzallo. The dual redundant electrical system provides the safety levels required for Instrumental Flight Rule (IFR) operations and include an additional engine-mounted 200 A generator and extensive use of Night Vision Goggles (NVG) compatible LED lights. Our SH09 is the Swiss response to making a helicopter. Kopter promotes SH09 in air medical operations. Engineered using the latest technologies and high-tech materials, the SH09 is setting a new reference in its category, featuring a crashworthy composite structure, IFR-ready Garmin G3000H avionics suite, gear box innovative designs, low vibration main rotor and low noise signature shrouded tail rotor architecture. The modularity of the cabin makes the most of the flat floor, the larger cabin volume in its class and the unique high ceiling concept. Since the resumption of the test flight activities in June in Pozzallo, Sicily, our third prototype (P3) has completed 40 flights, allowing testing of multiple aerodynamic modifications and configurations. Kopter’s SH09 single turbine engine helicopter offers opportunities for future technological developments, including hybrid/electrical propulsion solutions. The SH09 offers the highest standards of safe-ty, performance and comfort, coupled with low operating costs. The powerful Honeywell HTS 900 turbine with 1020 hp is of particular interest to operators who wish to avail of hot and high altitude performance. > Designed according to the latest safety standards, > State-of-the-art modular glass cockpit with Garmin G3000H, > Advanced rotor design for superior maneuverability and smoothness, > Low-noise shrouded tail rotor for enhanced safety on ground, > Composite airframe with high-ceiling and spacious cabin, > Flat floor with individual crashworthy seats, > Comfortable access through sliding and clamshell doors, > Reduced fuel consumption for ultra long range, > Increased power output for hot & high performance. Certification is expected later this year. Kopter participated in the digital edition of the AMTC 2020 (Air Medical Transport Conference) together with its parent company, Leonardo, showcasing how the SH09 will ideally complement the existing Leonardo Helicopters product range on the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) segment. Equipped with sliding doors on both sides of the aircraft and standard clamshell doors with high tail boom, the SH09 provides unobstructed accessibility for the most demanding missions. Designed to stand out from the competition, THE SH09 offers technologies, cabin volume and performance of a twin-engine at the cost of a single-engine, Find out more about all SH09 enhancements. The modern Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) reduces pilot workload especially during startup and autorotation. The Swiss-made SH09 helicopter is designed for accomplishing all of your missions, from the most demanding to the everyday.