Because, while there are instances where the keys may be more legit (like if a seller is simply unloading some free keys they picked up through a promotion), unfortunately there are other instances where you could be buying from a seller who obtained their key in a fraudulent manner. Though, another thing about the sellers, who generally violate the EULA by selling the key. Ubisoft initially revoked access to those games from the users who got scammed with stolen codes. THERE IS NO CONTACT NUMBER SO YOU CANNOT TALK TO ANYONE. Hence, they have no control over what the sellers are offering. Kinguin doesn’t sell Windows keys itself, but rather allows several people to sell their Windows keys. So, while it is incredibly inexpensive to get a copy of Windows 10 through Kinguin, it really isn’t something that is supported by Microsfot themselves and I have since replaced the key I purchased with a key that I bought directly from Microsoft. Till as late as 2004, purchased software were shipped to the customer instead of the online download and installation norm. Good to know. I’ve seen you on YouTube. (For games, the Buyer’s Protection is less. The biggest problem with Kinguin’s marketplace is that Kinguin themselves do not check beforehand to see if their sellers’ keys are legit or not. Well, the answer to that is, it doesn’t. There are also those who win codes for free through giveaways, or promotions but don’t want them, so they sell them on Kinguin. For me, I likely won’t purchase from them again. We will say that some sellers acquire the keys through sales and promotions, and then wait until that sale/promotion ends, and then sell the keys on Kinguin for a higher (or their actual) price. If you read Kinguin’s return policy, they state that you have to attempt to validate your 25 digit code through Microsoft if you have a problem, then if that doesn’t work, they will help you. Now, before we answer that question, we should probably define in what context you are using the word ‘legit’. If, to you, legit, means that you can get a Windows key or game key from Kinguin and it will actually work, then the answer is that Kinguin is somewhat legit. It’s fairly possible to get a Windows activation key for as low as $30. If I could guarantee that I could get codes from people who are just unloading free codes they got through promotions, then that would be one thing. So I got my PayPal account hacked and someone bought two copies od Red Dead Redemption and apparently used them. By expired I mean it wasn’t valid on exactly same PC after I wiped windows. But for those of you who don’t mind the risk—or the somewhat unethical nature of it all—Kinguin can be an affordable way to get Windows or a popular game you’ve been wanting to play for a fraction of the cost that it would normally be. What if I told you that there is a marketplace website at where you can get Windows 10 keys for as low as $30? But the truth is: on the Kinguin implementation part of their website, they are selling intergration for thousands of dollars. I have purchased a copy of Windows 10 Pro through them to test it out. I’ve had a key from a different marketplace which “expired” after 3 months. It’s fairly obvious seeing as it redirects you to a different website. And, also, I wasn’t aware at the time, but it is against Microsoft’s terms to purchase a Windows 10 key from an unauthorized third party seller. Which is honestly incredibly silly. Kinguin posts the following about their Buyer’s Protection…. After no response I had to hire a tech at $80 to get it to work. I TRIED TO BUY A GAME ON THIS WEBSITE, PAID THE PRICE FOR THE GAME, THEN THEY SENT ME A CD KEY THAT HAD ALREADY BEEN USED AND WAS UNAVAILABLE. Hey, I’m Brent. Kinguin is unreliable and shady.. there is a Github repo with sources for a WordPress plugin, like what I have coded for a customer. I have bought ‘several’ Windows keys in the past, and have ‘never’ had an issue. Today, you can purchase and download a legit Windows 10 from Microsoft for $139. Needless to say after reading your article it’s the last time I’ll ever use them. I just used Kinguin for the first time to buy a ridiculously low priced game and didn’t do my diligence and research them first. On YouTube, I build PCs, review laptops, components, and peripherals, and hold giveaways. A couple of years ago, some hackers who had purchased Ubisoft game codes with a stolen credit card, turned around and sold those codes to buyer’s on Kinguin. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ), You simply find the product you want on their website and click on it. But, at the same time, it isn’t. But you just can’t get a key to use the API without paying them big bucks. Their methods to activate don’t work, and the method to get a refund requires screen shots from chat …but MS doesn’t have chat anymore. Updated June 29, 2018 22 Comments. Hence, they have no control over what the sellers are offering. Multiple e-mails to Kinguin with no responses. Is Kinguin Legit For Windows 10 & Game Keys, Reviews on Is Kinguin Legit For Windows 10 & Game Keys, Fusion Drive Vs SSD: What should you get for New PC. Kinguin’s customer support service isn’t that great either. Your email address will not be published. The biggest problem that you’ll face with Kinguin’s services, is that they themselves aren’t in control of the buying/selling process. A lot of sellers will have a “WARNING” that you need to activate the license within x hours. So, some sellers are buying game keys in bulk when they go on sale, then hording them until the sale ends, and then they turn around and sell them for more than they purchased them for on Kinguin. THEY THEN MAKE IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A REFUND OR REPLY. Namely that Kinguin has had a shady business model and that purchasing products through them is unethical when you consider where the codes you are purchasing could be coming from. According to a report, a few Ubisoft games sold on the website were acquired illegally. If you want to see more instances of shady practices and users who have had their keys not work, just Google ‘kinguin review’. Hit the button below to subscribe! So, whether or not you should buy from is all going to come down to whether or not you are A) okay with the ethical nature of it all, and B) are willing to purchase Buyer’s Protection for  your codes to ensure you don’t lose your money. They did want screenshots though. Even with sources at hand (made by themselves) on Github. So, yes, you can buy from them, but you’ll have to purchase their Buyers’ Protection Service which isn’t even that expensive. The act of buying isn’t illegal, but the key comes with no license, so if you don’t have license for the software you activate, it’s piracy. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your next question would probably be… is Kinguin legit? Once you click on the product you wish to purchase, the site will redirect to a different website. But on Kinguin, you can run your own licensed Windows 10 Home, Pro or even Workstation for around $30. Trying a Paypal dispute, but that will probably go nowhere. Kinguin promised me they would sell my plugin on their website. Get an Operating System that starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with the software and hardware you already own.