I saw somewhere that the original KFC recipe contains xanthan gum. Cover the bowl with a saran wrap and place in the fridge for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. The coleslaw sauce is excellent so creamy and full of flavor. Having worked for KFC back in the 80’s, and being at a busy store. Here you will find easy and delicious recipes for busy people. Thanks. Reply. This is like my moms coleslaw dressing my mom used to let me shake in a mason jar. I am definitely giving this one a try for my next dinner. We serve the coleslaw with Slow Cooker Baked Beans and Air Fryer Fried Chicken. I love coleslaw, saving this variation! © Copyright 2020 - Crunchy Creamy Sweet - Privacy Policy. Dill wascheFür die Mayonnaise die Eier, das Öl und den Senf in ein Glas geben und mit einem Pürierstab die Mischung zur Mayonnaise "hochziehen". I didn’t have four cups of cabbage so I tweeked the measurements to suit the amount I had, and it turned out great. If you've ever seen a clone recipe for KFC coleslaw it probably looks like this. Will try to get the horseradish, never saw it at my local grocery. It was the BEST salad that I have ever made. https://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/coleslaw-tastes-just-like-kfc See more ideas about slaw, coleslaw recipe, coleslaw. I didn’t have normal mayonnaise..I had chilli flavoured one and it had a spicy touch to it. This KFC Coleslaw Copycat is simply perfect. Doubled the recipe but should habe quadrupled! I don’t think I’ve turned the oven on once this week :). I used to have this recipe from a newspaper clipping my mother gave me many years ago. . I am so glad I did! The Homestyle version is basically the same recipe that’s been available in the U.S. KFC Canada responds to coleslaw criticism. This recipe is amazing. . It tasted better than KFC. The green coleslaw, which was unique to Canadian KFC chains, has been replaced with new Homestyle Coleslaw. Different brands taste very different from one another. I left out the onion and added 1 tbsp prepared horeradish sauce on my second batch. I did not have milk so I used half and half, I also didn’t have white vinegar (and hate apple cider vinegar) so I used rice vinegar. Share. August 9, 2019 at 2:16 pm. Brenda says. I am so glad you love the coleslaw. Definitely a keeper that I will be making often! I also made my own buttermilk with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Shred the cabbage and carrot and dice finely. Thank you for trying the recipe! Thanks. Thank you so much for trying my recipe! Recently lost it and really glad to find it on your website. kfc coleslaw recipe. OMG!! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. My mom put celery seed in it my dad loved it this way, Trying this tonight. Always stir before serving. I hope this helps! Good recipe, I just add a good amount of celery seed to it and it comes out like my mother made years ago. OMG thank you! I am so glad it was a hit. Dole Salad Recall 2020. And right in time for the Fourth Love this recipe Anna! My brothers rated it 11/10. 1f, cooked chicken 47. This recipe is a dead ringer for KFC’s!!! The taste is spot on! Total time doesn't include chilling time of 4 hours. I do hope you will love this recipe as well! It’s the world’s best coleslaw. Thanks Jerroll Taylor Jr. Love us some KFC slaw. -Anna. PERFECT & DELICIOUS!! Cover the bowl with a saran wrap and place in the fridge for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. Email. Absolutely divine. Thanks for this recipe. I would use the same amount and adjust to your likings. My recipes are made with everyday ingredients and all of them are family approved! About 1/4 tsp for a recipe this size. My MIL Loves KFC Slaw. That seemed to match KFC’s flavor. I had xanthum gum so THANK YOU to whoever mentioned that in the comments, I added a 1/4 teaspoon of that and it thickened RIGHT UP. Love any good coleslaw, so I can’t wait to make this! Everyone always forgets the smidge of horseradish. KFC Coleslaw Ingredients. Thanks for an excellent starter recipe. Thanks for such an easy and delicious recipe. I’ve tried cold slaw in many different restaurants and KFC has the best I tried this and was very greatly surprised the over night was almost more than I could stand. You have to try this KFC Coleslaw Copycat recipe! Maybe the onion threw me off? He bought a bucket of chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, slaw, and biscuits. Required fields are marked *. I can’t wait to make this. I love this recipe and so does my daughter BUT, she’s doing Keto. 15 heads of cabbage, 6-8 onions, 5lbs carrots and 1 gal of the dressing. kfc coleslaw sizes. 4f, coleslaw 47. Pinned. Huge hit. I think Stevia should work. Hi Kally! Maybe my KFC does things differently. Stir again before serving. It turned out great! After all that, I was reading all the way down the comments, I read the comment from the guy who worked at KFC and he mentioned horseradish. Love KFC coleslaw- so I’d definitely love to try this recipe out! Hi Brenda! I did a little bit of research and in no time I was whipping up the famous KFC copycat in my own kitchen. It gave the coleslaw the characteristic flavor. Thank you so much for trying my recipe! Love this recipe.. Easy Coleslaw recipe tastes just like KFC's & comes together in minutes! This recipe is ULTRA creamy and flavorful (reminiscent of the popular fast-food chain slaw) while staying true to CFC, I’ve made a few adjustments to create a healthier recipe that you can feel great about serving your family! We live in Kansas and as true mid-westerners, we love our BBQ. Shredd cabbage, dice onion and carrots. So good! The green coleslaw, which was unique to Canadian KFC chains, has been replaced with new Homestyle Coleslaw. This replica recipe has become one of the all-time most shared recipes on the intraweb. Thanks, Anna, for this great recipe. We love our BBQ too! My whole family was amazed that I made it, thought I bought it at KFC. … My Hubby takes pride in his ribs (baby back, beef, short ribs – any kind) and has his technique down to perfection. My own coleslaw lacked in flavor. Pin. We debated adding it because it was SO good the way it was (it will be better after is sits for hours). I am glad it was a hit! I put it on my hotdogs and tacos.. yummy! I also used Hellmann’s. Rob says. . , I love coleslaw! YAY! Will have to make this for her. Perfect for the summer BBQ's and potlucks!