Cân bằng phương trình hóa học. Phản ứng oxi-hoá khử. hcl是强酸,k2so3是弱 2113 酸盐 (so3^2-对应的h2so3是弱酸) 5261 根 据强 酸制弱酸原 4102 理,hcl强酸 能反 应生成h2so3弱酸。 又因为h2so3会分 解生 1653 成so2和h2o(这与h2co3分解相似) 所以最终方程式: k2so3+2hcl==2kcl+so2↑+h2o recent questions recent answers. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Plus on Google+. Share this. For the reaction 2 HCl(aq) + K2SO3(s) equilibrium reaction arrow H2O(l) + SO2(g) + 2 KCl(aq) answer the following questions. If that gaseous product was collected in a 15.6 L open-ended manometer as shown below at 21.4 °C, what is the height of the column of mercury in mm, h? K2SO3 + HCl = H2O + KCl + SO2 K2SO3 + HCl = H2SO3 + KCl Instructions and examples below may help to solve this problem You can always ask for help in the forum Instructions on balancing chemical equations: Enter an equation of a chemical reaction and click 'Balance'. How many grams of K2SO3(s) would be required to react completely with 200.0 mL of 0.255 M HCl? HCl (STRONG) H2S (WEAK) H2SO4 (STRONG) H3PO4 (WEAK) H2CO3 (WEAK) HBr (STRONG HI (STRONG) HClO4 (STRONG) HClO3 (STRONG) ch3ch2cooh C2H5OH NH4Br HBrO3 NH4I NaHSO4 NH4 ... Answer : K2SO3 ( Potassium sulfite ) is base. 2013-09-24 k2so3与hcl怎么反应,求化学方程式 6 2012-05-25 k2so3加hcl中和后,加入新制氯水的离子方程式 2 2018-01-28 K2SO3与HCl怎么反应,求化学方程式 1 Possible answer. Giúp các em đạt kết quả cao trong học tập. Hiện tượng: Xuất hiện khí mùi hắc Lưu huỳnh dioxit (SO2). Cân bằng phương trình hóa học hcl (axit clohidric) k2so3 (Kali sunfit) = h2o (nước) kcl (kali clorua) so2 (lưu hùynh dioxit) . The answer will appear below Chemistry. 1 k2co3 + 2 hcl → 1 co2 + 1 h2o + 2 kcl The products would be H2CO3 + KCl, but carbonic acid breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. 200 mL = 0.2 L and 0.27 M = 0.27 mole/L 0.2 L * 0.27 mole/L = 0.054 moles From the equation, 0.054 moles HCl reacts with 0.054 / 2 moles of K2SO3 mass of K2SO3 = moles * mass You should get 4.27 g Positive: 50 %. (Include units in your answer.) By Bagus Amin - 11:54 AM - Add Comment. Hiện tượng: Xuất hiện khí mùi hắc Lưu huỳnh dioxit (SO2) | Phản ứng oxi-hoá khử Source(s): Two years of chemistry class. HCl + K2SO3. When hydrochloric acid (HCI) reacts with potassium sulfite (K2SO3), 364.9 mL of 5.2 M HCl is used with excess potassium sulfite. Hệ thống các phương trình hóa học, chất hóa học đầy đủ và chi tiết nhất.