Meanwhile, clones of the Orlando-bred simulator spread, too. Here’s a full video of the newly updated ride: Filed Under: SeaWorld Orlando, Theme Parks Tagged With: journey to atlantis, mermaids, SeaWorld Orlando, updated, So there was no refurbishment? Journey to Atlantis is a water roller coaster located at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida. Hopefully we can get a reboot of this dark ride, or perhaps it should be replaced by a different attraction in the future. That element was my favorite part about it. But this… It was the equivalent of riding E.T. Not much that can be done about that, but at least it would make sense about us all the sudden being underwater in a boat. After all, time, money, and care have been spent crafting themed “lands” with notable detail, some well-designed dark rides, and entertainment (both animal and acrobatic) quite unlike anything else in Orlando. The roller coaster portion of Journey to Atlantis concludes with the cars sailing back into the water flume for a soaking finale. At the same time that SeaWorld's Orlando park was arming itself against Disney and Universal, its other three parks – San Diego, San Antonio, and Cleveland – began to experiment with that fundamental question – what is SeaWorld? Home | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Refund Policy | Ad Info In 1987, Disney had broken new ground with the incomprehensibly complex (and expensive) simulator technology that powered Disney's Lost Legends: Body Wars and the original STAR TOURS. There must have been a deep technical issue they could not for the life of them fix and that’s why they’re doing away with it. In a desperate intempt, the Sea Horse companion uses all his might and strength to sacrifice himself to free us from the predator, and the riders were able to escape at last. DECLASSIFIED DISASTERS: Journey to Atlantis: What IS SeaWorld? • Visiting Theme Parks During The Pandemic They at least gave you story and interest instead of just sitting in a boat listening to the opera music :/ Well, that was disappointing…. But in just as many ways, it doesn't stand apart. They have really spoilt what was my favourite ride… and as to the ‘scary’ aspect.. c’mon not everything needs sugar coated, think how emotional all the early Disney movies were… children need to learn how to deal with all aspects of life. Journey to Atlantis® is a headlining attraction at SeaWorld® Orlando, resulting in long lines during busy times at the park. At this point, I'd rather just ride the new addition to the park, Infinity Falls, -Than take a stroll in what I would deem as a cemetery of the ride's former self. It'd be like if Hulk went through Refubishment, but had all the story, soundtrack, and effects removed from it after reopening in Islands of Adventure, that's exactly what has happened to Atlantis. Visit our Store or Click Here to order yours. March 27, 2017 By Matt Roseboom 16 Comments. Here's Why: Was Disney's First "Beauty and the Beast" Ride Worth the 30 Year Wait? (It was always a mystery why one of the theme songs from “Beetlejuice” was in the ride.) On the next page, we'll descend into the myth of Atlantis... and the race between Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld to open their own voyages to the sunken city first. And while the park had grown substantially in the 25 years since, Busch's purchase of the park in 1989 coincided with a major change in Orlando (and the whole industry). It’s saddening that the true ride won’t be experienced again. Now instead of the mermaids welcoming you and telling you not to be afraid before their evil metamorphosis, riders just hear some new pleasant music (from the old Allure show). As for how we ended up there, the intro could be slightly be changed by having the fisherman explain that Hermes will grant us a overshield to be able to traverse deep below the sea. Submitted by Edward Vaira (not verified) on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 18:29, I actually first encountered the San Diego version of the ride since I live here, and, while not tremendously ambitious, it is fun and has a nice pace and the elevator life section works with the whole "dolphin-friendly" theme...I was horribly disappointed in how the Orlando ride looked...even with the story working, it seems like the pacing is unforgivably clunky..My home park may be considered the more "minor" Sea World, but having seen the park in Orlando twice now, I much prefer how well the simpler rides work here, Submitted by Brian Pacifico on Sunday, April 16, 2017 - 20:32, In reply to I actually first encountered by Edward Vaira (not verified). Read on... Just your friendly neighborhood fan of tropical hideaways, Victorian boardwalks, mid-century tomorrows, ancient temples, and cursed forests! If people liked it the way it was that’s great but I’m not one of them. Some of the mermaids are still there, but with their effects turn off, they no longer look evil. We will update the story if/when we hear from them. Submitted by Eric Williams (not verified) on Monday, August 20, 2018 - 22:27. The two other roller coasters came after, Manta in 2009 and Mako in 2016. It actually had a story to it. PLUS News, Rumors, Games and More! I don’t know anybody, adult or kid, that said this ride was nightmare inducing before…wow, great journalism…. So sad that they removed the mermaids. • Table Service: City Works at Disney Springs Feelings? In San Antonio, two steel coasters rose above SeaWorld’s otherwise unassuming skyline, with Great White (1997) and Steel Eel (1999, above) redefining the park for the region. After the big drop, as you round the bend, the mermaids no longer say “Leaving so soon? The next change you may notice is that the “Beetlejuice” music has been removed as well. Love it or hate it, this ride has become nothing more than a time killer that allows you to get wet. It's a shame, as even tho it may not be the Disney killer Busch wanted it to be, it could of actually still been a great dark ride when they finally decided to refubished this gem, but rather than actually making it better, SEAs turned it into a lump coal.